'Rude' Doberman Stops Woman From Working on Laptop in Funny Video

A "rude" Doberman dog has gone viral on TikTok for ensuring her owner stops working on her laptop.

In the viral video, shared to the app by user Nweisman, a laptop can be seen open in front a woman sat on a sofa.

The large animal, whose name is Diana, then approaches and presses her nose up at the screen.

A female voice can be heard saying: "Wow. You're dramatic."

Next, the pet pushes the laptop shut using her face, as the shocked woman exclaims: "Are you kidding? I am using it."

The Doberman steps back and chomps her teeth at the woman, as if to showcase her irritation.

Shared to the social media site on July 11, the clip is captioned: "So rude #doberman #smartdog #bad."

The humorous footage, which can be watched here, has so far been viewed a whopping 4.9 million times and surpassed 1.1 million likes.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the bossy dog's amusing behavior.

One TikTok user, Cooked Peaches, wrote: "Hahaha mine do this or they will take their paw and slap mu phone out of my hand haha."

Another person, User1197367517041, added: "Haha I love this dog, your on your laptop too mum mum."

Trevor Jones typed: "I have a Doberman, can confirm this is how they act lol."

Louie joked: "She asked for the manager in the end."

Michelle Snyder Mele commented: "Omg my Doberman flings my phone out of my hands all the time this is hilarious."

Megamindurbusiness stated: "No electronics when the dog is in the room!!!! All attention on the dog!!! Don't even close your eyes!!!"

Despite this Doberman's bossy temperament, Vetstreet.com describe the breed as intelligent and loyal.

On its site, it explains: "The Doberman's qualities of intelligence, trainability and courage have made him capable of performing many different roles, from police or military dog to family protector and friend.

"The ideal Doberman is energetic, watchful, determined, alert and obedient, never shy or vicious. That temperament and relationship with people only occurs when the Doberman lives closely with his family so that he can build that bond of loyalty for which he is famous."

In other news of somewhat grumpy dogs, an 8-year-old Yorkie mix named Eddie has gone viral on TikTok thanks to his disdain for mornings.

Many find the animal's hilarious antics when owner Lisa Mattuchio attempts to wake him, including snarling and growling, to be extremely relatable.

Newsweek have contacted Nweisman for comment.

Doberman sat on grass
A stock image of a Doberman sat on some grass. In a TikTok video a similar-looking dog stops her owner from working on her laptop. Getty Images