Rudy Giuliani Says He 'Debriefed' Mueller's Witnesses and Trump 'Wants to Testify'

President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani spewed a number of eyebrow-raising remarks Sunday morning, including that he has "debriefed" all of special counsel Robert Mueller's witnesses and that Trump "wants to testify" but probably won't have a sit-down interview with Mueller.

When CNN's Dana Bash on State of the Union said Mueller's investigation is ongoing and the public does not know what evidence his team may or may not have, Giuliani responded, "I have a pretty good idea because I've seen all the documents. We've debriefed all their witnesses."

Bash cut in surprised, "Debriefed all of their witnesses?"

"Well, I think so. I mean the ones that were involved in the joint defense agreement," Giuliani said.

Giuliani's remark led Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition resisting Trump, to tweet, "That sounds like witness tampering and obstructing a federal investigation."

On ABC's This Week on Sunday morning, Giuliani turned heads by saying that Trump desires to testify—but that his legal team is "close to determining" that the president will not agree to have an interview with Mueller.

"The reality is that there are biases that have to explored surrounding Mueller," Giuliani said. "How you could end up hiring a group of people that are as prejudiced and biased as this group, in their record at least, is extraordinary and how you can expect to just walk our client like a lamb going to be slaughtered, we wouldn't be lawyers if we would do that."

"He wants to testify," Giuliani said. "This is the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen that the Justice Department is allowing to go forward."

Giuliani also made some bold comments about Trump's longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who faces a federal investigation on his business deals including some that involve Trump, and is rumored to be flipping on the president.

"As long as he tells truth, we're home free," Giuliani said. "Michael's not going to lie. He's going to tell the truth. As long as he does that, we have nothing to fear."

While Trump has not recently expressed sympathy for Cohen, Giuliani did.

"I'm hoping that Michael is able to clear himself, because I think what was done to him was really unfair … Invading a lawyer's office?" Giuliani said. "That doesn't seem right to me."