Rudy Giuliani Voter Fraud Witness Peddles Conspiracy About Obama, Wuhan Lab

Melissa Carone, a woman who captured national attention as one of the key witnesses presented by Rudy Giuliani to support unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, is now pushing a baseless conspiracy about COVID-19 and former President Barack Obama.

In an interview with published on Tuesday, Carone reiterated her claims that votes in Michigan were "compromised" because of Dominion Voting Systems machines, and entrenched doubts about her credibility with the Obama theory.

She also addressed the widespread criticism and mockery she's received since her testimony, which was parodied on Saturday Night Live. Carone has denied speculation that she was drunk during the hearing.

"This is what they do to Trump," Carone said. "It's not going to work with me. I won't back down because I am very religious and I know God is watching over me. This started with COVID."

She went on: "The Obamas funded that Wuhan lab to make COVID. Then the impeachment process.

"They've used every avenue possible to cheat, they used Dominion. Dominion software was created to cheat. I have a binder from Dominion that proves this. There's so much more that will be exposed."

The COVID-19 virus was first reported in Wuhan but there is no evidence it was developed in the lab there, despite some high profile support for the claim early on in the pandemic. There is also no evidence that the Obamas were involved in any way.

Earlier in the interview, Carone repeated the unsubstantiated allegation that Dominion voting machines in Michigan were involved in election fraud that handed the state to President-elect Joe Biden.

"At least 60-70,000 votes were compromised," Carone said. "A big van showed up at four in the morning with all the ballots marked for Biden. I believe there was no data loss. They found out Trump was ahead in my personal opinion, and sprung into action."

During her testimony before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on December 2, Carone, an IT contractor who was employed to fix malfunctioning vote-counting machines at Michigan's TCF Center, told state legislators that poll workers had put the same votes through the machines "thousands of times."

Carone was not speaking under oath but pointed to an affidavit she signed which was submitted by the Trump legal team in a Michigan lawsuit seeking to stop the certification of results in Wayne County.

The presiding judge called Carone's claims "simply not credible." is owned by former Alaska Governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The site's "About" page says it "primarily offers journalism that reports and comments on current events."

Newsweek has asked Giuliani's spokeswoman for comment.

Melissa Carone Testifies About Alleged Voter Fraud
Melissa Carone, who was working for Dominion Voting Systems, speaks in front of the Michigan House Oversight Committee in Lansing, Michigan on December 2, 2020. The president's attorneys, led by Rudy Giuliani, have made numerous allegations of election fraud. Carone has claimed COVID-19 originated in a Chinese lab. JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP/Getty Images