Rudy's Right Hands

Will Giuliani make us safer? His foreign-policy team boasts some of the Bush era's most assertive neoconservatives. They include:

Norman Podhoretz
The latest book by neocon maestro Podhoretz, "World War IV," warns that radical Islam poses a greater threat than communism or Nazism did. He wrote an essay, "The Case for Bombing Iran," subtitled "I hope and pray that President Bush will do it."

Martin Kramer
The conservative think tanker has been sharply critical of American scholarship on the Middle East. His blog argues that America should be more concerned with bringing down "Islamist zealots … who detest America" than in democracy-building.

Daniel Pipes
The historian founded the Middle East Forum, which advocates for "fighting radical Islam, whether terroristic or lawful" and "countering the Iranian threat." The Web site he started, Campus Watch, opposes anti-American and anti-Israel bias.

Peter Berkowitz
Giuliani's senior statecraft, human-rights and freedom adviser, Berkowitz—a professor at George Mason Law School—is a champion of philosopher Leo Strauss, the inspiration for many of the neoconservatives' policy stances.

Nile Gardiner
The former Thatcher adviser is director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, which shapes "U.S.-British policy towards rogue states." Gardiner says we're in "another Munich moment" with Iran and has likened Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Hitler.

Robert Kasten
Kasten, a former U.S. senator, consistently supported aid to Israel and sided with Reagan neocons in the '80s. He also crossed swords with the U.N. over its "coercive" family planning and favored cutting aid to countries that don't vote with the United States at the U.N.