Rumored 'Bachelor' Winner Cassie Randolph Stars in Second Reality Show 'Young Once', Ex Breaks Silence

Confusion quickly spiraled within Bachelor Nation following following reports of current-season frontrunner Cassie Randolph's role in another reality series, Young Once. Now, her ex-boyfriend has broken his silence Wednesday and cleared the air on social media.

"I'm posting this here so no words can be misconstrued. As many know, my ex-girlfriend is currently a contestant on the tv show The Bachelor," Caelan Tiongson wrote in an Instagram caption. "The both of us have also appeared on a documentary series called Young Once ... They happened to catch the closing of mine and Cassie's on and off relationship during the recording of this show. Make no mistake that Young Once was filmed before The Bachelor, and the fact that they are airing at the same time is a strategy to attract viewers."

"Both Cassie and I made mistakes in our relationship, but I think we'd both agree it dragged out much too long anyway," he continued. "However, it can be said without a doubt, that she and I were not a fit for each other ... The reality of the situation is that Cassie is a great girl. Her decision to go on The Bachelor was a decisive moment in my life to move forward so why couldn't it serve as that for her as well?"

"Cassie will eventually explain her side and I endorse whatever she says because there is no reason for her to hide the truth. I wish her nothing but success and happiness moving forward," he concluded.

Tiongson also said the post served as a way for him to express his side "because [he] heard Cassie was receiving a lot of negativity for our past relationship."

Young Once follows five postgrad students from Biola (Bible Institution of Los Angeles) as they navigate their relationships and careers. News of Randolph's involvement prompted questions from observers on social media. "So like...does Colton know about this show?" one commenter asked.

The first season of the reality show aired in October 2016, while Season 2 debuted last month. The series will run six episodes, airing weekly until March 11, according to the show's website.

The 23-year-old speech pathologist has not yet addressed her role in Young Once; however, by the looks of her social media presence, Randolph seems to be focused on Bachelor-related content.


Promise we did a lot more than just make out our entire date __

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Rumored 'Bachelor' Winner Cassie Randolph Stars in Second Reality Show 'Young Once', Ex Breaks Silence | Culture