'Run the Opposite Direction': Woman Reveals 'Truth' About Taco Bell in Viral Video

A self-identified former Taco Bell employee has made waves on social media after sharing some controversial insights into the chain's popular menu items.

Shared on TikTok this week, the clip, posted by Dallas Kirkpatrick (@momofstacy), has been viewed 2.5 million times, amassing more than 300,000 likes and 6,000 comments.

The clip follows a wider trend on the platform, where current and former employees of popular companies, restaurant chains and corporations reveal little-known "facts" about their jobs—much to the amazement of viewers.

In her post, Kirkpatrick is replying to another video that asks: "Tell me a company secret that you can share because you don't work there anymore."

Kirkpatrick starts with the good news: "So I worked at Taco Bell for almost three years, and I'm here to tell you all the truth."

"[The] ground beef is, in fact, real ground beef. It just has a lot of water and seasoning in it ... but it's safe, I promise," she says.

"The grilled chicken—it's real grilled chicken," she continues. "Go ahead and eat it."

The tone of her video then takes a sharp turn: "The shredded chicken? Run."

"Run the opposite direction away from the shredded chicken," she says. "You can swap out the shredded chicken for grilled chicken on any of the items, FYI. But the shredded chicken is all the bits of the chicken that you don't want to eat ... Eventually, you're going to get a bone."

As some commenters pointed out, shredded chicken was removed from the Taco Bell menu in 2020, in an effort to "streamline" their food options.

However, Kirkpatrick's next topic is still on the chain's menu.

"The steak? So disappointing, because I know it's ... the most appetizing thing," she said. "It's 90% gelatin. If it gets left out for any amount of time, it turns into a slab of gelatin."

"Just trust me and stay away from shredded chicken, steak," she concluded.

In a message to Newsweek, Kirkpatrick said that she hasn't worked for the company for over five years, so what she describes in the clip is not verified and might not be accurate.

"My family and I still eat there, probably too frequently, but those are my stay away from items," she added. "The main thing I want people to know about me and that video is that I'm not judging or telling anyone what to eat. But we have a right to KNOW what we're eating, even with bottom of the barrel food."

In a statement released to Newsweek on Friday afternoon, Taco Bell denied any claims that its steak contains gelatin.

"We can assure you that this is incorrect. There is no added gelatin in our steak," a company spokesperson said in a statement. "Taco Bell takes pride in using high quality ingredients and we use only USDA grade select or better for our steak. Food quality is our top priority, and we are proud to have industry-leading food quality standards and transparency about what's in our food."

Viewers were intrigued by the video and flocked to the comments section to discuss Kirkpatrick's claims.

"[Six] years at [Taco Bell]!" wrote @kinderclothdiapers in a highly liked comment. "Can confirm the steak turns to sludge."

"You forgot to mention that the cinnamon twists are just fried spiral pasta!" added @katisnotacat25.

"Disappointed about the steak but I'm probably gonna still eat it," said @coreypittsley.

"I've heard that the beef has fillers such as oatmeal mixed with it," noted @kingnef77.

Taco Bell
This week, a woman went viral on TikTok for sharing her experience working at Taco Bell. Spencer Platt/Getty Images