‘Runaways’ Season 2: What Are Karolina’s Powers? Here’s What the Comics Say

Marvel released a trailer for Runaways Season 2 ahead of this week’s New York Comic Con panel on Oct. 5. The footage highlights Karolina's powers, one of the biggest cliffhangers from last season. 

As the kids plan to take down Pride (their evil parents’ cult group), Karolina’s body lights up with rainbow colors. She stands with her creepy father, Jonah, who says, “Nothing is more important than understanding who and what you are.” He’s not wrong. We need an explanation for all that glowy rainbow stuff in Season 2. So what do the comics say?

All evidence right now points so both Karolina and Jonah, being of alien origin. Karolina had alien ancestry in the comics, and her skillset in the show resembles the powers typical of the Majesdanian race, who store solar energy throughout their bodies. They can also fly, create force fields and shoot laser beams. Jonah (a.k.a "gross flaky guy" who has been resurrected 15 times and is hundreds of years old) appears to possess similar powers to Karolina. But the show does switch things up. In the comics, Karolina’s father was actually Frank Dean (her step-father in the show), not Jonah, who appears to be an entirely new character.

jonah karolina runaways season 1 finale Jonah vs. Karolina in the 'Runaways' Season 1 finale. Hulu

But there’s another important element to remember. Karolina, her mother Leslie, Frank, Jonah and Pride each have a role in the cult mystery of The Gibborim in the show. Created by Jonah and Leslie, the Church of Gibborim is basically just a disguise for all the Pride/resurrection stuff. While not all the details are the same, the Gibborim storyline has roots in the comics as well.

Pride made a deal with the Gibborim, an ancient race of giants living in the plane of reality belonging to the Elder Gods. These divine beings who planned to cleanse the Earth of humanity. Pride performed “Rite of Blood” rituals to give the Gibborim strength to fulfill their goals. The Gibborim returned the favor with wealth, power and a promise that Pride would rule the Earth by their side. The Gibborim claimed to be capable of resurrection, but the rite requires an innocent soul.

gibborim-runaways-marvel The Gibborim are integral to Pride and The Runaways in the comics. Marvel Comics

It’s still unclear where the TV series plans to take the origins of the Gibborim in relation to Karolina and the Dean family. Whatever the case, look forward to Karolina testing out her abilities. After she escapes her evil parents in the comics, she starts calling herself Lucy in the Sky. What alias will she take on in the show? Sound off in the comments.

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