Bill Clinton's Ex-Press Secretary 'Rethinking' Wishing Rush Limbaugh Well Following Cancer Diagnosis

A former White House press secretary under Bill Clinton's administration is "rethinking" the message of support he sent to Rush Limbaugh following the radio host's stage four cancer diagnosis.

Joe Lockhart, who served as Clinton's White House press secretary from 1998 to 2000, tweeted that he is reconsidering the supportive tweet he sent to the right-wing radio host earlier this year after he revealed he has lung cancer.

In February, Lockhart tweeted: "I wish a full recovery for Rush Limbaugh" before going on to suggest that the idea that he deserves to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Donald Trump is "offensive."

"Several months ago I tweeted well wishes to Rush Limbaugh on his health fight," Lockhart wrote on Monday. "I'm rethinking that tweet this morning."

Lockart's tweet was sent after Limbaugh was criticized for repeating a degrading slur against Kamala Harris on his radio show as well as promoting a sexist article entitled: "Why It Should Matter to Women That Kamala Harris Slept Her Way Up."

"Will any Republican repudiate Rush Limbaugh today. How about all you women in the Senate. Is this ok with you?," Lockhart tweeted. "[Vice President Mike Pence] ask mother if this is ok."

During a Friday, August 14 episode of his radio show, Limbaugh discussed two stories related to presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee, recently picked by Joe Biden.

The first was the recent firing of veteran NBA photographer Bill Baptist after he shared a meme on Facebook of a mock election campaign slogan reading: "Joe and the hoe."

Limbaugh said: "[He] posted an image that read 'Joe and the Hoe,' h-o-e. Now, what do you think that's about, Joe and the Hoe?

"Anyway, so he's [Baptist] gone, 'Joe and the Hoe,'" Limbaugh added without condemning the sexist language used against the senator.

The host then immediately promoted an article written by Dov Fischer for the conservative website The American Spectator that claims Harris "slept her way up" in California politics by being a "very public escort and mattress" for Willie Brown.

Brown is a former speaker of the California Assembly and mayor of San Francisco whom Harris had a relationship with in the 1990s.

"So we have two different stories here that are trading off the known fact that she was Willie Brown's mattress, and that he has written about it and that he has talked about how it propelled her, that he ended up being one of her mentors," Limbaugh said.

The host also quotes a line from the article that claims "Harris' story denigrates women who worked hard all their lives" as well as repeat an argument previously discussed by Limbaugh that Harris should not be referred to as African American because her mother is Indian and her father is Jamaican.

The "hoe" and "mattress" comments from Limbaugh arrived just days after he previously discussed Harris' and Brown's relationship on his show in a demeaning manner.

Quoting from an op-ed that Brown wrote in the San Francisco Examiner where he suggested Harris should not take the VP role if offered, Limbaugh said: "If Joe Biden offers [her] the vice presidential slot, my advice to her would be to politely decline. Harris is a tested and proven campaigner who will work her backside...

"And, by the way, if anybody knows her backside, it's Willie Brown," Limbaugh adds. "I mean in the biblical, intimate sense. He knows her backside. They've both acknowledged that she knows his, even though his backside is not as big as hers was."

Limbaugh was criticized online for the remarks he used while discussing Harris on his radio show.

"Rush Limbaugh referred to Sen. Kamala Harris as a 'ho' and 'mattress' to millions of listeners, and somehow, GOP leaders who support him--including Trump, who awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom--will not be pressed about this," tweeted activist Charlotte Clymer.

"Donald Trump's 'Medal of Freedom' award recipient Rush Limbaugh just called Kamala Harris a 'Ho,'" added The Q Show host Mark Spicy.

"Will every Republican stand up and call for his medal to be taken away or will they continue to be cowards and racists? Unfortunately we all know the answer."

Lockhart has been contacted for further comment.

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Radio personality Rush Limbaugh and wife Kathryn (L) attend the State of the Union address with First Lady Melania Trump in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives on February 04, 2020 in Washington, DC. Mario Tama/Getty