Rush Limbaugh Says Democrats 'Have More Hate' Than was at Charlottesville — on Same Day James Fields Sentenced

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh accused Democrats of having "more hate" than what was on display at a 2017 rally of racists in Charlottesville. Limbaugh's long rant occurred on the same day the white supremacist who killed a protester car at that rally was sentenced to life in prison.

During a segment on Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show on Friday, the host ranted for roughly seven minutes about how the Democratic Party are "the country's biggest hate group."

"Folks I have to tell you here, the Democrat Party is not just the country's biggest hate group now, which I have said on previous occasions," he said. "Because that's what they are, it is what they have become, they are a self-contained hate group. They have more hate than any extreme right-wing group they claim to be afraid of or opposed to than you could count."

Limbaugh went on to argue that the Democratic Party "have more hate than any of the hate that was at Charlottesville" and that they "are a bigger hate group than the KKK," which he claims has "always been the military, quote-unquote, wing of the Democrat Party anyway."

The conservative host's comparison of the Democratic Party to the racists in Charlottesville came on the same day that James Fields Jr. was sentenced to life in prison over the killing for Heather Heyer, who died after Fields Jr. drove a car into a crowd of protestors in the Virginia college town in August 2017.

Heyer's death occurred during an event dubbed the Unite the Right rally, where crowds of white nationalists gathered to oppose the removal of a Confederate statue in the city, located about two hours southwest of Washington, D.C.

Heyer was one of the counter-protesters present at the rally. She was among a group walking down a narrow side street in Charlottesville's downtown district, when Fields Jr. drove his car into the crowd, striking Heyer and several others.

During his trial, Fields Jr. pleaded guilty to hate crime charges and admitted that he deliberately rammed the car into a crowd of counter-protesters because of the "race, color, national origin, and religion of its members." Fields Jr. also told the court he had wanted to kill other counter-protesters and acknowledged that his actions resulted in Heyer's death.

Limbaugh continued his attack on Democrats on Friday by pointing to the group's "views on abortion and human life" as alleged evidence of what he claimed was the party's hateful nature.

"There isn't any comparison to the pro-life view and the pro-abort view that the Democrat Party has, and if you're going to assign hate to one of those groups, you're not going to find hate on the pro-life side," he declared. "By definition, you can't. But you can certainly find it on the so-called pro-choice side."

"They seek control over life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and they do so from a position of rage and anger," Limbaugh added. "They are angry that the concepts of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness exist. And their mission is obviously to shut them down."

Rush Limbaugh
US radio talk show host and conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh looks on before introducing US President Donald Trump to deliver remarks at a Make America Great Again rally in Cape Girardeau, MO, on November 5, 2018. Jim Watson/Getty