Russia Claims It Hit ISIS Oil Sites in Raqqa and Homs

Russian defence officials meet
Russian military official Sergei Kuralenko is pictured on screen during a video link with foreign military attaches at a news briefing, organized by Russian Defence Ministry in Moscow, Russia, February 27. The ministry has begun offering an Arabic translation of the Syrian News on its website. Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters

Russia's air force reports it has hit four oil production sites in Syria linked with militant group Islamic State (ISIS), the Ministry of Defense announced on Monday.

"Aircraft from Russia's Aerospace Forces destroyed four illegal oil supply facilities situated in the provinces of Raqqa and Homs, under the control of ISIS fighters," the ministry's daily news bulletin read.

The government also blamed militant group the al-Nusra front of opening fire in three different provinces of Syria, though no casualties were reported.

A UN-brokered ceasefire between the Syrian government, opposition forces and international allies of either is currently in place in Syria, however ISIS are not part of the signatories and combat with ISIS militants has continued.

What is more, independent observers have reported airstrikes have once again continued across several regions of Syria Idlib suffering the worst hit since the start of the ceasefire last week.

The targets of Russia's airstrikes in Syria have been repeatedly contested as the Kremlin has simply said it is targeting ISIS and "a list" of other groups; however, opposition groups fighting the Moscow-backed Syrian government as well as ISIS have repeatedly complained of sustaining hits from Russia.