Russia Investigation: FBI Tried to Meet With 'Sex Coach' Nastya Rybka Who Says She Has Dirt on Election Interference, Report Claims

FBI agents attempted to meet with a Belorussian escort and self-proclaimed “sex coach” who claims to have information about Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, a Thai official told CNN.

The source told the news channel that FBI agents had contacted Thai officials to set up a meeting with an escort who goes by the name Nastya Rybka. The woman, whose real name is Anastasia Vashkevich, has been arrested by Thai police for offering sex coaching classes without a work permit. She has also claimed that she could provide special counsel Robert Mueller with information about Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 elections if she is granted asylum in the United States.

The reports appear to suggest that the FBI has taken the woman’s claim seriously enough to attempt to make contact with her. Rybka was recently catapulted into the public eye after a video surfaced of a trip she took on a yacht with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Eduardovich Prikhodko, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who is a long-time colleague of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Manafort allegedly offered to secretly brief Deripaska about the U.S. elections while he was working for the Trump campaign. Rybka’s recording of the oligarch and the politician shows the men discussing the U.S. relationship with Russia.  

Deripaska has also been accused of working as a back channel between Putin and Trump campaign officials. Rybka claims she has 16 more hours of recordings of Deripaska and three unnamed Americans discussing the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and she’ll give the evidence to Mueller if the U.S. helps her break free from her prison cell and ensures she isn’t extradited to Russia. The sex coach claims her life would be in danger if she is extradited to Moscow.

Thai officials reportedly refused the FBI’s request to meet with the woman because only family members or legal representatives are permitted to meet with detainees.

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