Russia Praises Donald Trump's Meeting With Kim Jong Un, Plans to Be Involved in North Korea Peace Plan

Officials in Russia have said they feel positive about the outcome of President Donald Trump's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and they hope that Russia can be involved in the negotiating process to promote peace on the Korean peninsula.

The six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program, which stalled in 2008, had aimed to negotiate an end to Pyongyang's nuclear program through cooperation between the U.S., China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Russia. Speaking Tuesday in the wake of Trump's historic meeting with Kim in Singapore, Russian officials said they would like to see the six-party talks get back on track.

"As of now we cannot but welcome the fact that an important step forward has been made. Devil is in the detail, of course, and it is necessary to understand the specificities. But as we understand the impetus has been provided," Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters Tuesday about Trump's meeting.

"We, together with Chinese friends, together with other participants of what used to be called six-lateral talks, are looking forward to getting this format relevant again, and will continue working towards a result," Ryabkov added.

It is unclear if Trump plans to include Russia or other countries in the talks with North Korea going forward. Trump used the signing of a joint agreement to call attention to his own accomplishments and Pyongyang's willingness to pursue peace.

"I don't think they've [North Koreans] ever had the confidence, frankly, in a president that they have right now for getting things done and having the ability to get things done," Trump told reporters after signing the agreement. "And he [Kim Jong Un] was very firm in the fact that he wants to do this. I think he might want to do this as much or even more than me because they see a very bright future for North Korea," Trump continued.

Trump called the agreement with North Korea "very comprehensive," although some analysts have criticized the agreement for being too vague. All of the points in the agreement stress that the U.S. and North Korea will work toward the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, and will commit to building peace and stability. The agreement does not mention any other country.

Nevertheless, experts have said that both China and Russia will need to play a role in promoting peace in the region, since both countries have outsized economic influence with North Korea. Kim met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the week leading up to the summit.