Russia Takes New Approach To Military Footage With Fluffy Puppy Video

Russia’s Defense Ministry has taken an unusual approach to promoting its armed forces, with a festive military video featuring packs of puppies.

In video entitled “Faithful Friends congratulate you on the coming New Year,” the military’s footage features the adorable fluffy animals frolicking in the snow to the soothing sounds of elevator music.

The puppies, who are among the residents of the 170th dog training center of the Russian Armed Forces, are also shown being trained by various officers, with the footage also featuring larger dogs who are among the 3,000 canine members of the army, Reuters reported.

It marks something of a shift in tone from the ministry, which most frequently shares posts about its operations in Syria, its military capabilities and the actions and whereabouts of its two-legged members of the armed forces.

The short video, which was released on YouTube on January 1, comes shortly after a more serious New Year message from Russian President Vladimir Putin on the future of Russian troops in Syria.

In a message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Putin said Russia would continue to support Syria.

In an end of year greeting that was issued by the Kremlin, Putin said he would “continue to render every assistance to Syria in the protection of state sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity,”  Reuters reported.

Russia would back Syria “in the promotion of a political settlement process, as well as in efforts to restore the national economy,” the president added, despite earlier reassurances that Russian troops would be withdrawn from the conflict.

And in a similar message on Syria, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu issued a New Year thank you to the Russian troops who had been stationed in the country as part of the Russian government’s backing of Assad’s regime.