Ukraine Woman Given Milk by Russian Soldiers, Finds it Booby-Trapped—Report

An explosive was attached to a carton of milk which formed part of a Russian humanitarian aid package received by a woman in Kherson, according to a local report.

Russian forces managed to capture the southern city in the first days of their invasion of Ukraine, and soon after Kremlin-backed state media reported that Russian troops were distributing aid to residents.

But, according to an account published on the local news website, In Kherson, one woman had a narrow escape when she opened one of the provisions that she had been given.

Ukrainian soldier near Kherson
A Ukranian soldier stands outside a school hit by Russian rockets in the southern Ukraine village of Zelenyi Hai between Kherson and Mykolaiv, on April 1, 2022. A woman in Kherson was reportedly given an aid package by Russian troops which included a booby-trapped carton of milk. BULENT KILIC/Getty Images

An unnamed man said his retired mother had brought an aid package home, despite his recommendation not to.

Residents in the city had been rejecting the packages since the occupation by Russian troops but are taking them more frequently because of the increasingly desperate circumstances.

He said that among the products, which included oil and cereal, was a milk package which his mother said looked like it had already been opened.

"My mother saw that the twist in the milk was not airtight, she thought that someone had already drunk it, that it could be spoiled," he said according to a translation,

"She carefully unscrewed it and saw something like a thread, she showed it to me."

Images posted on In Kherson show the milk carton with what appears to be an improvised explosive device inside, which the man said it was lucky that his mother did not detonate.

The claims have not been verified and Newsweek has contacted the Russian defense ministry for comment. However, there is a wariness among residents in the city of accepting the aid packages.

On April 13, Natali Sagan posted on the Facebook group Our Kherson that there had been several food poisoning cases from food distributed by Russian forces, and that two people had died.

Users of the Facebook group have reported that the food given out is often unfit for consumption and past its use-by date.

It comes amid claims from Kyiv that retreating Russian forces leave mines in homes and on corpses.

Earlier this month, Denys Monastyrsky, the Ukrainian interior minister, said Russian troops had targeted the homes of states employees and hid explosive booby traps in their vehicles and homes.

Meanwhile, Kherson looks set to be the scene of guerilla warfare between Ukrainian resistance fighters and Russian occupiers and local collaborators.

On Tuesday, troops from a Rosgvardia police unit hoisted the red "banner of victory", a Soviet-era flag, up the main flagpole in the city's "Alley of Glory."