List of More Than 100 Russian Prisoners of War Captured by Ukraine Released

Ukraine has released the names of more than 100 Russian prisoners of war captured during the ongoing conflict in the country, urging their mothers to come and "take your sons."

Anton Herashchenko, advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, published the "very important" list of POWs on Facebook on Friday.

The post included a spreadsheet containing personal details of the Russian soldiers, as well as specific details on how their families can travel to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv to collect them.

"After the invasion of Putin's fascist army and closing the airspace, it can only be done this way," Herashchenko wrote in English.

The prisoners on the list range in age between 19 and 53.

"There will be many more such lists as the lists of dead soldiers. And you know who is to blame—Putin," Herashchenko said.

"Mothers of Russia, come to Kiev and take your sons. After the hell they survived invading our land, we know for sure that none of them will raise a finger against Ukraine! I ask you to convey this information to thousands of unfortunate mothers, Russian, whose sons were captured in Ukraine.

"We, Ukrainians, unlike Putin's fascists, do not fight with mothers and their captive children. We are waiting for you in Kiev," Herashchenko added.

The move to give back the POWs arrived after the two countries agreed to establish humanitarian corridors so evacuations can be carried out and medical supplies can be sent in to some of the worst hit areas of Ukraine following eight days of war.

The list was also published more than a week after the first two Russian soldiers were believed to have been captured by Ukraine.

On February 24, Conflict Intelligence Team, a group of specialists in Russian military issues, posted photos of the POWs on social media, along with images of weapons they were carrying at the time.

The photos of the two unnamed soldiers were also shared by Oleg Nikolenko of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny: 'Ukrainian military have taken prisoners, two Russian soldiers of UNIT 91701 of Yampol motorised infantry regiment," Nikolenko tweeted.

Elsewhere, Russia warned that any foreigner who volunteers to assist with Ukraine's fight against them can expect to be "prosecuted as criminals."

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov made the vow after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that 16,000 foreign volunteers had joined them in fighting the Russia forces.

"I wish to make an official statement that none of the mercenaries the West is sending to Ukraine to fight for the nationalist regime in Kyiv can be considered as combatants in accordance with international humanitarian law or enjoy the status of prisoners of war," Konashenkov said.

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This general view shows the city hall of Kharkiv on March 1, 2022, destroyed as a result of Russian shelling. Ukraine has released the names of more than 100 Russian prisoners of war captured during the conflict with Russia. SERGEY BOBOK/AFP/Getty Images