Video Shows Russian Tank Flying Soviet Flag During Ukraine Invasion

A video of a tank flying what appears to be the Soviet Union flag while reportedly driving along the Dnieper river has been shared on social media.

The tank can be seen speeding alongside a group of Russian trucks, and a white painted "Z" is also visible on the front of the tank and the trucks.

The white painted Zs could be meant to ensure that Russia's military vehicles can be differentiated from Ukrainian ones from the sky, according to a report by The Sun.

"It would suggest final preparation are complete. It's vital that any attacking force can be distinguished, particularly from the air where Russian forces will have complete control," a source in Kyiv told the newspaper this past weekend.

"The Ukrainians have very similar tanks and vehicles and will want to reduce the risk of friendly fire."

There does remain a debate as to the true meaning behind the painted Z as the letter is from the Roman alphabet and is not in the Cyrillic script used in Russia and Ukraine.

Russia has previously dismissed the possibility of reviving the Soviet Union, according to a report by Newsweek. The Kremlin has also denied the idea that the invasion of Ukraine is in service of this goal.

In December, Dmitry Peskov, the press security for Russian President Vladimir Putin, rejected the idea, suggested by the U.S., that Putin wants to "reconstitute the Soviet Union" as part of a legacy project.

This suggestion was made by U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland.

Peskov addressed these concerns and said that Nuland, as well as other experts, were aware that restoring the USSR is "impossible."

"Furthermore, Ms. Nuland surely knows that integration processes with different rates of development have appeared in the area of the former Soviet Union for quite a long time and are maturing," he added.

A poll published in September 2021 by the independent Levada Center saw the highest level of respondents, in recent years, say they would prefer the "Soviet political system."

Some 49 percent of respondents said they would prefer the Soviet political system, the highest number since the early 2000s.

Only 18 percent chose the current political system while 16 percent favored the "Western model of democracy".

The Soviet economic system was even more popular, with 62 percent preferring policies of "state planning and distribution," marking a record high that is the "maximum in the entire history of observations." Some 24 percent opted for "a system based on private property and market relations."

Soviet Union
An image posted on social media by Twitter user RALee85. It shows a Russian tank flying the Soviet Union flag. RALee85