Russian Warships Fire Missiles Into Syria From Over 900 Miles Away: Minister

Four Russian Navy ships have fired at ground targets in Syria from nearly 1,500 kilometres away (930 miles), Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoygu told state TV channel Rossiya 1 on Wednesday.

The ships, that are reportedly under the command of Russia's Caspian Sea Fleet, fired 26 cruise missiles at 11 ground targets in Syria. The Russian minister claimed the targets were in territories held by Islamist group ISIS. Shoygu informed Russian President Vladimir Putin about the success of the attack in a televised meeting. The Defence Minister boasted that all targets were successfully hit and no civilians were harmed.

"The aftermath of the strikes confirmed the high effectiveness of the rockets at great lengths of nearly 1,500 kilometres," Shoygu said.

The Ministry of Defence also published video footage online that appeared to show the launch of the strikes. The footage does not show the rockets making contact with their targets, but includes a graphic indicating that the strikes were aimed at central and western Syria.

Earlier this week, Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported that Russia had amassed 15 ships in different parts of the Mediterranean near the Syrian coast. The majority of these ships are from the Black Sea fleet, some of which were spotted crossing through the Bosphorus days prior to arriving at their new stations.

Last week, senior officials from both the Kremlin and Russian parliament insisted that Russian military assistance to Syria will only come in the form of airstrikes.