'Rust' Christmas Content Update 2018: Presents, Decorations, Lights and Electricity Fixes

Christmas has come to "Rust." Facepunch Studios

In Rust, hunger, thirst and cold reduce humans to barbarism. Whatever it takes to survive… unless, wait a moment, do I hear… is that… why by golly, it's Santa! Christmas has come to Rust, with the annual Christmas Event update. It's loaded with new loot, base deployables and candy, candy, candy. As Rust developer Facepunch Studios would say, "Season's Beatings."

How To Get Your 'Rust' Christmas Presents

Santa is doing the Airdrops this year, replacing the cargo plane. Listen for jingle bells, that means your gifts have arrived. Each player gets two gifts, which will spawn somewhere in a 40 meter radius. Inside these presents are… presents!

It sounds weird, but your presents are inside this present. Facepunch Studios

The presents inside the gifts come in small, medium and large sizes. You can either unwrap or but there's always gift swapping: enough small presents stashed and you can trade up to a medium.

So, what's actually inside? This year's Christmas event brings back some favorites from previous years, like Santa hats and reindeer antlers (they have good protection too). Presents can be resources, stockings, weapons or candy. In one case, both: there's a candy cane club you can lick.

Stockings can be refilled between 5 and 11 times. Facepunch Studios

Stockings are really useful. Hang one inside your base and it will fill with loot next time the jingle bells ring. There's a larger stocking out there too, which raises your chances for better items. It's also possible you're on the naughty list. Players can receive coal for being "absolutely worthless human beings."

Snowballs are back too! They still pack a punch. You'll find a handful already in your inventory.

The real-money Rust Item Store is also getting a Christmas-y overhaul. You can buy decor, a gingerbread AK, a Santa chest plate and something called a Candybober sword. There's even a Snow Machine, which runs on low-grade fuel and can cover terrain in a thin layer of snow. It's $7.49.

Chill out the area around your base with the new Snow Machine. Facepunch Studios

Items from last year will also be available, including the deployable Snowman, garlands, Christmas lights and the door wreath.

The Rust Christmas Event is live now!

'Rust' Christmas Event Patch Notes

The update also includes a number of patch fixes to gameplay, many of which address issues with Electrical Components introduced to Rust in the December 6 update:

  • EAC SDK update
  • Non-playing M39 sounds fixed
  • Battery capacity down, but charge efficiency up
  • Fixed batteries that weren't wiring in series
  • Now batteries require at least 5 seconds of juice to start discharging
  • Root combiners can now be chained with other root combiners
  • Short circuit detection added to root combiner
  • Solar panel power output down to 20
  • Solar panel power output now scales with health
  • Fixed branch/combiner showing the title 'blocker' when aimed at
  • Electrical item descriptions updated
  • Ceiling light sounds volume lowered, made less annoying
  • Fixed broken monument puzzle
  • Bucket Helmet cost down
  • Removed Charitable Rust Jerry Can
  • Workshop ADS simulation fixed
  • Force-Feature exploit fixed
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