'RWBY' Volume 5 DVD and Blu-ray Releases in June With Exclusive Interviews

RWBY fans rejoice! Volume 5 of Rooster Teeth's popular animated series is coming to Blu-ray and DVD in June, with extra features and exclusive content. RWBY Volume 5 will be available on June 5 in various formats, including DVD, Blu Ray+ DVD, Special Edition Combo Pack and via digital platforms.

"We love how passionate the fans of RWBY are. Volume 5 received such a great reaction and we're really looking forward to be able to provide these episodes along with a behind-the-scenes look at the series through the bonus features," said Gray G. Haddock, head of animation at Rooster Teeth, in a press release.

The home release of RWBY Volume 5 will include all 14 episodes and the character shorts for Weiss, Blake and Yang. It will also include "CRWBY: Behind the Episode," an inside look at the creation of each installment of the season. "CRWBY: Behind the Episode" highlights the animation process and introduces fans to the animators, engineers, producers, and artists who work tirelessly to bring the World of Remnant to life.

If all of that wasn't enough, the RWBY Volume 5 home release will include exclusive interviews and a behind-the-scenes retrospective on the history of the show called :5 Years RWBY."

We spoke with RWBY writer Kerry Shawcross about Volume 5 ahead of the season finale, if you're looking for more details about what to expect in the exclusive content.

The RWBY Volume 5 DVD will retail for $14.93, with the Combo Pack and Special Edition going for $24.95. RWBY Volume 5 and the previous seasons of the animated series are currently available on the Rooster Teeth website, as well as its YouTube page.

Rooster Teeth has confirmed Volume 6 will debut in fall 2018, but has not yet announced a hard date.

Are you excited for the home release of RWBY Volume 5? Let us know what your favorite episode of the last season was in the comments section below.

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