Florida Man Live-streamed Argument With Walgreens Staff Before Smacking Baby in Head: 'I Didn't Do Nothing!'

Police in Florida have arrested a man who live-streamed himself committing a series of crimes inside a Walgreens. On Wednesday, Ryan Greenlee assaulted a male clerk, became hostile toward sotre staff, and hit a newborn baby in the head with a box before claiming he "didn't do nothing."

The perpetrator live-streamed the bizarre series of incidents on Facebook, starting from the moment he entered the Walgreens branch on Ulmerton Road in Largo, Florida.

Once inside the store, Greenlee looked to purchase two packs of beef jerky and waved his money at the camera but it soon became clear he did not have enough funds to buy the items.

When the staff realized Greenlee couldn't afford the beef jerky he was asked to leave the premises, but he almost immediately became belligerent.

According to the arrest report, the defendant became disorderly while leaving and started throwing items off the counter. One of the objects, a box, hit a two-month-old baby in the head.

"I was just so angry that I didn't even cry," the toddler's mother was quoted as saying by Tampa Bay ABC affiliate WFTS. "I was just trying to be as level headed as I could."

The arrest affidavit states that while the confrontation between Greenlee and the store staff can be seen on the video, the exact moment the baby was hit by the box was not captured by the live-stream footage. However, the infant can clearly be heard crying just seconds after Greenlee began throwing items off the counter.

The assailant then hit a male clerk who tried to intervene, before making his way out of the store and into the parking lot. Here the footage becomes hard to decipher as the camera doesn't appear to focus on anything in particular, hinting Greenlee might have been running back towards his vehicle.

Once he reached his car, the 22-year-old was rebuked by the passenger, who claimed he overreacted. "I didn't do nothing, all I wanted to do is go to the store, bro," the assailant can be heard saying in reply.

Largo Police Department confirmed Greenlee was arrested on six different counts, including resisting arrest, resisting arrest with violence, child abuse and a battery on a law enforcement officer. Police confirmed Greenlee is currently being held in the healthcare wing of Pinellas County Jail, where he is awaiting trial.

Sergeant Scott Gore said the incident was a reminder that members of the public should avoid engaging with people who show signs of being belligerent.

"If you are ever out in public and someone behaves in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, remove yourself from the situation and notify someone of authority," he said.