'You Look Fat in Blue': Salt Lake City Meteorologist Allison Croghan Publicly Shames Troll, Who Gets Fired

A Utah man has been fired from his job after insulting and degrading messages he sent to a female meteorologist were exposed by the TV weatherwoman.

Allison Croghan, who presents the weather for Fox 13 in Salk Lake City, tweeted out messages that Kelly Leftwich sent to her in which he says "you look fat in blue" before telling her to calm down and suggesting that she is not married because she is "still digging for gold."

The messages, which were sent via Facebook, show Leftwich telling her she looks fat in a blue dress she wore while presenting the weather before adding: "You look great when you're perky I don't care what the fun haters say."

When Croghan replies, in all caps, "why would anyone say write such a statement to a stranger?" Leftwich replies: "You do look fat in blue, sorry! I say what people think. Not a ass kisser. You do have a couple of things going for you. Get rid of blue or don't I am telling the truth. Blue is not your color.

"Your to much for some. Me? I am too...take your comment for example...calm down neighbor you'll find a millionaire and quit for better pay. Your not married because your still digging for gold.

"By the way I watch Channel 2. Just happened to catch your dress that fit snugly, like you didn't know that men have radar, and men's wives. Young and dumb you'll break a few hearts until you get a wallet full of credit cards."

Croghan tweeted out a screengrab of the spiteful message to her 10,700 followers along with the caption: "Next time you want to write a message like this to someone, try this: 1. Write down what you want to say 2. Instead of posting it online, TAKE IT TO A THERAPIST and get to the root of whatever the issue is. I have a hunch that me, my weight, or the color blue aren't the problem."

The day after sending the tweet, Croghan posted another message from Utah-based real estate company Century 21 Everest, telling her that independent contractor Leftwich will no longer be working with them because of his comments.

"We support and honor the achievements of professional women in every industry and have zero tolerance for disrespect," wrote George Morris, CEO of Century 21 Everest. "We applaud your success and wish you the best in your career."

Croghan said it was "never my intention for anyone to lose their job" by posting the messages she was sent. "The company of the man who bullied me online reached out to me. I thanked them for the note and let them know I hold no ill will towards their company. How about we all do something nice for someone today? Spread some good."

Leftwich did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

'You Look Fat in Blue': Salt Lake City Meteorologist Allison Croghan Publicly Shames Troll, Who Gets Fired | U.S.