Sam Bledsoe Has Medical Emergency In The 'Big Brother' House

Big Brother houseguest Sam Bledsoe suffered an allergic reaction in the Big Brother house on Friday evening, spoiler Twitter account @realvegas4sure reported. A medic saw Bledsoe immediately in the Diary Room.

Bledsoe did not need to leave the CBS site for treatment. Fans and @realvegas4sure expected she may need off-site treatment to observe her for symptoms of post-anaphylaxis.

Bledsoe reentered the house only an hour after her allergic reaction. Details on Bledsoe's treatment have not emerged.

The houseguest has been controversial since her reign as Head of Household (HoH) weeks ago. She was seen as sweet and friendly until her leadership framed her as a "dictator." Since her removal from the position, Bledsoe has taken a backseat in the house, though her emotions have made her a large target.

Bledsoe threatened to leave the Big Brother house multiple times and made claims she doesn't appreciate the game or her house. The houseguest nearly self-evicted two weeks ago before the eviction of Bayleigh Dayton. Bledsoe did not want to vote to evict one of her friends, either Dayton or Angie "Rockstar" Lantry.

She spoke with producers in the Diary Room and asked if she could refrain from voting. When production told her that was not an option, Bledsoe allegedly tried to leave the studio out of a side door before being coaxed to stay by CBS.

Since, Bledsoe has appeared tearfully in Diary Room sessions and on live feeds.

Bledsoe is not the only Big Brother houseguest to have an allergic reaction while in the house. In 2008, on Big Brother Season 9, houseguest Allison Nichols was hospitalized after an allergic reaction from eating "slop," a Big Brother punishment. At the same time, her fellow houseguest Amanda Hansen fainted from eating the slop as well, as Hansen was hypoglycemic.

Last season, houseguest Christmas Abbott was hospitalized when she underwent foot surgery after an injury in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother contestants are allowed to return to the game after hospitalization as long as doctor's orders are followed, In Abbott's case, this meant sitting out of physical competitions, giving up her eligibility to be Head of Household most weeks, until a doctor approved she was able to compete.

Bledsoe is the only houseguest this season to have a physical ailment which required a doctor's attention. She was also seen last week for a psychiatric evaluation.

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