Samantha Bee Attributes Conor Lamb's Win to 'New Democratic Strategy Called Trying'

Samantha Bee is happy about Democrat Conor Lamb's win in Pennsylvania's special House election on Tuesday. But she's celebrating with a grain of salt.

On Wednesday night's episode of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, the late-night comedian called out Democrats while congratulating Lamb for his close victory in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, which he won by less than one thousand votes. "Just two years ago, Trump won this district by 20 points," Bee pointed out. "Two years ago, Democrats didn't even bother running an opponent against the Republican incumbent. You know, I'm really enjoying the radical new Democratic strategy called trying!"

What, Bee then pondered, might happen if Democrats kept up this pattern of trying throughout this year's midterm elections? "Hey Democrats, you know that delectable, unfamiliar aroma you're smelling? It's blood in the water," Bee said, which she then quickly amended, "Yes, I know, you're vegans—it's hummus in the water. Just get to work!"

Meanwhile, the president of the United States is brushing off Lamb's win. Donald Trump reportedly said at a private fundraiser that the newly elected politician is "only a congressman for five months." (Lamb's district was redrawn after the state supreme court ruled Pennsylvania's election map reflected too much gerrymandering. The 18th will be eliminated at the end of the year.)

Bee then shifted away from the news that "an illegitimate Kennedy child got elected" to the topic of gun control and the thousands of students who marched in Wednesday's for National Student Walkout Day.

For this, Bee took on a rare tone of sincerity. "I've seen staffers have panic attacks because of their own brushes with gun violence," Bee confessed. "We cover hard topics all the time, but gun violence is the worst. Honestly, I never thought anything would change. But I should have known better. I should have known that a generation would come that wouldn't repeat our mistakes."

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