Samantha Bee Says Fox News' 'Toxic Slop' of a New Streaming Service is 'Pure Substance-free Propaganda'

On Wednesday's edition of TBS's Full Frontal, comedian Samantha Bee ripped into Fox News' new online streaming service "Fox Nation," describing it as "pure substance-free propaganda squirted right down your slobber hole."

The streaming service launched in late November and has already drawn criticism for its strong pro-Donald Trump bias.

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"Yes America, it's a true Christmas miracle, because Fox News has birthed Fox Nation," Bee said sarcastically. "It takes America's favorite news channel and adds the one thing it's always been lacking: the thoughtful restraint of the internet."

"Thanks to Fox Nation, viewers can now gorge themselves on Fox's toxic slop all day without ingesting the traces of nutrients that might contradict the right-wing narrative," Bee continued. "The New York Times describes Fox Nation as 'Netflix for Conservatives,' which means it's for people who like Netflix but wish its World War Two documentaries weren't so mean to the Nazis."

Just like Netflix, Bee said the service offered "tens of programs" in all of the most popular genres, including "'Hilary's an evil b*tch' shows," "'college is turning your kids into whores and lesbians' shows," "'poor people are parasites' shows" and "'Muslims want to murder you' shows."

The comedian described how all of the programming on the streaming service shares Fox's worldview that "this is our country and those other people are trying to take it away from us."

Despite its flaws, Bee said some of the shows were actually quite fun to watch, giving the example of '10 Minute Justice,' starring "the woman you'd see in a sci-fi movie advocating for public executions, Jeanine Pirro."

"Here's her thoughtful commentary of the migrants seeking asylum in our country," the comedian said before cutting to a clip of Pirro saying: "We're not racist. Maybe we, the tax-paying American people are the real victims of repression, since we're just trying to live our lives and protect our families and our pocketbooks from you illegals, who have no right to come here."

In response to the clip, Bee groaned before describing Pirro's show as "ASMR for sociopaths." She then went on to talk about how Fox Nation would not be complete without its newest rising star, Tomi Lahren.

"Oh my gosh, 26 years old and you're finally having your first thoughts, way to go Tomi!"

Political commentator Samantha Bee attends TBS' 'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee' FYC Event at the Writers Guild Theater on May 24, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. Amanda Edwards/Getty Images