Samantha Morton on Working with Woody Allen: 'I Don't Have Any Regrets'

British actress Samantha Morton doesn't regret working with controversial director Woody Allen. Instead, she remains "forever grateful" for the experience.

"I was working for a director who was kind, funny, and wonderful to work with. It changed my life. And I'm forever grateful for that," Morton told Vanity Fair on Tuesday about Allen's 1999 movie, Sweet and Lowdown.

Morton plays a mute laundrywoman who falls for an egomaniacal yet fiercely talented jazz guitarist Emmet Ray, played by Sean Penn. The film proved to provide a breakout role for Morton, who was nominated for a best-supporting actress Oscar in 2000.

Allen has faced accusations of abuse by his daughter Dylan Farrow since 1992. They re-emerged in 2017 in the wave of the #MeToo movement. The director vehemently denies the allegations against him.

Woody Allen/Samantha Morton
Woody Allen and Samantha Morton gave a press conference ath the Bristol Hotel in Paris. (Stephane Cardinale/Sygma via Getty Images)

Though she doesn't regret working with Allen, Morton revealed she too is a survivor of abuse. "I'm terribly sorry for the situation that is publicly known. It's heartbreaking. I was sexually abused. Some of the people that hurt me can't be brought to justice for complications of time," she said. "I have full sympathy for anybody who says that happens to them, and it needs to be taken incredibly seriously."

She continued, "But if I look back at the situation that I was in, where I was working for a director who was kind, funny, and wonderful to work with. It changed my life. And I'm forever grateful for that." Anyway, she pointed out: "I can't now go back [and change anything]."

Morton told The Guardian in 2014 she was sexually abused by two care workers in a residential home when she was 13 years old. The alleged assault happened in her bedroom.

In light of the #MeToo movement, several actors who have worked with Allen —including Timothée Chalamet, Greta Gerwig, Colin Firth and Rebecca Hall — have publicly stated they would not work with him again. Allen launched legal action against Amazon after they shelved A Rainy Day in New York, a film he shot for the studio in 2017. They canceled their contract with him, citing Farrow's allegations and Allen's response to the #MeToo campaign.

A number of other actors, however, including Jude Law, Javier Bardem and Anjelica Huston, have defended their work with Allen. In Bardem and Huston's case, they both said would be happy to work with him again.

At a press conference on July 9 to launch his new film which is set in Spain, Allen said, "I never think of retiring." The new film stars Christoph Waltz, Gina Gershon and Elena Anaya.