Samsung Folding 'Flip' Phone: Price, Release Date, Everything We Know About Galaxy Fold

samsung fold phone
Samsung senior vice president of product marketing Justin Denison speaks on stage about the new foldable phone during the Samsung Unpacked product launch event in San Francisco, California on February 20. Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

During its Samsung Unpacking event Wednesday the company announced its new device that gave some users a pang of nostalgia. The new phone flips, or folds, in half, old technology mixed with the new modern technological touches.

The new device flips open and closed, similar to the flip phones of the past but instead of folding in half top to bottom, it folds side to side along the length of the device with a screen on the front of it while it's folded. This allows the Galaxy Fold to change from a typical smartphone to a tablet in seconds.

A video of the new phone, set to the song "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, shows the phone in all its technological glory, folding and flipping from full-screen to front screen. The video closes with the reminder that the Galaxy Fold is being released 10 years after the first Galaxy with the sentence, "We didn't just change the shape of the phone, we changed the shape of tomorrow."

In addition to announcing the Fold Samsung also announced the new Samsung Galaxy S10 with a new screen with no notch in it and new fingerprint detection. The S10 is currently available for preorder and is available in three versions and various memory sizes and colors as well.

Galaxy Fold Release Date:

The Galaxy Fold is scheduled to be released on April 26, just a little more than two months after it was revealed at the Samsung Unpacked event. It's not clear when phones purchased on that day will be shipped and what inventory in-store will be like.

Galaxy Fold Price:

The price of the phone is expected to be $1,980. A steep price for any smartphone owner. The price of the phone is one of the highest for any smartphone available and will likely keep most people from buying the new device. The price for the device in other countries is not yet clear.

Galaxy Fold Cameras:

The new device reportedly has six cameras that are spread across the front and the back of the device.

Galaxy Fold Size:

When the Fold is closed and acting as a smartphone it's 4.6 inches but when it opens up the tablet version reportedly spans a full 7.3 inches.

Galaxy Fold Specs:

The biggest thing about the Fold that sets it apart from other smartphones is right in the name, it folds in half. The device essentially has what can be considered three screens, the large screen that folds in half with the aid of a hinge, and the opposite side of the screen on the left when the phone is open. The folding screen will allow users to run up to three apps simultaneously and have them all visible at once. That continuity allows what's on one screen to move to another.

How to get a Galaxy Fold:

There is no way to order the Galaxy Fold yet, so users should go to the Samsung site and sign up for updates about the Fold. They have to provide their name, email address and zip code to sign up for notifications about the updates and latest news and details around the Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Carriers:

As of Thursday only AT&T and T-Mobile were named as carriers that will sell the Fold.