Samsung's 'Space Monitor' May Be a Saving Grace for Cramped Workspaces

Samsung is unveiling its new Space Monitor at CES 2019 which promises to save users more space on their desktops.

CES 2019 kicks off January 8, but tiny hints of what may be in store are already making their way online. While last year bigger and better TV's were all the rage at CES, this year smart cars, AI and 5G ready devices are set to steal the show. But despite the exciting possibilities that futuristic technologies bring, nothing beats a simple technology that solves a pervasive problem. This week Samsung unveiled its upcoming Space Monitor, which aims to do just that.

Samsung space monitor price Ces 2019 space saving monitor specs release date
Samsung is unveiling its new Space Monitor at CES 2019, which promises to save users more space on their desktops. Samsung

While hearing the name Space Monitor may bring forth visions of astronauts and the nebula, the Space Monitor is really more about saving space, not traveling through it.

Simply put, Samsung's new Space Monitor is a simple, yet flexibly designed computer monitor that clamps onto a desk and then can be adjusted to sit forward and close to the user or be pushed all the way back against the wall taking up almost no space at all. Having worked in plenty of environments where the monitor itself took up nearly all the desk landscape, Samsung's Space Monitor would have been a welcome addition indeed.

samsung space monitor space saving price release date specs Ces 2019
The Space Monito clamps on to your desk can can adjust up and down as far as may be needed. Samsung

Because of its design, the Space Monitor can be adjusted up, down, forward or backward, to suit the needs of pretty much any user. The Space monitor has been designed in such a way that the power and HDMI cables run through the stand so you won't see an unsightly amount of cordage lying about the desk. Everything about the Space Monitor has been streamlined to make one of the most unobtrusive computer monitor designs we've seen.

While the Space Monitor has been primarily designed for clamping onto a desk it can still be mounted if one prefers.

Space Monitor Specs, Price and Release Date

Samsung has announced two Space Monitor models — the first, a 27-inch QHD (2560×1440) model for $399 and the second, a 32-inch UHD (4K) model (3840×2160) for $499.

To learn more about Samsung's upcoming Space Monitors, you can visit the company's pre-order page, here. The official release date has yet to be announced, but according to Amazon's listing for the item, it will become available February 23.