'Sanditon' Season 2 — Is The Jane Austen Inspired Romance Ever Coming Back?

Though the first season of Sanditon concluded last year, the British historical drama has inspired a cult following that is demanding more. With the help of American audiences, will the Jane Austen inspired romance get the greenlight for a second season?

Airing on ITV and PBS, the eight episode drama is based on Austen's 1817 unfinished novel. Originally titled The Brothers, the Emma author had completed about 11 chapters before passing away that same year on July 18. The first season of the televised adaptation followed Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) as she traveled to the small and quaint seaside resort village of Sanditon. Charlotte becomes in part charmed and infuriated by Sidney Parker (Theo James), who is on the verge of helping his brother turn the village into a booming luxury resort.

During the first season finale, which aired in October 2019 on ITV, Charlotte and Sidney confessed their true feelings for each other. Unfortunately, Sidney is promised to another and has been arranged to marry Eliza Campion (Ruth Kearney). Though Sidney will end up with a woman he doesn't love, he cannot go back on his word, per iNews. With this cliffhanger, I can see why fans would want the show to continue.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - JULY 29: Rose Williams, Theo James and Crystal Clarke of Sanditon speak during the PBS segment of the Summer 2019 Television Critics Association Press Tour 2019 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 29, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Getty/Amy Sussman

Before airing on PBS's Masterpiece in January, ITV cancelled the period drama in early December. Supposedly, the viewing numbers were slipping before the season finale. With not enough viewers watching, ITV had no reason to renew the show.

An ITV spokesperson told The Sun, "We would have loved it to return, but unfortunately we just didn't get the audience that would make that possible for us, which is heartbreaking for everybody involved in this wonderful adaptation."

"Sanditon is yet to air in the US and we hope they may find a way of continuing with this series," added the spokesperson.

Back in February, Sanditon writer Andrew Davies gave an update to Town And Country, "We hope and we hope, but at the moment, it doesn't look hugely promising. I think everything depends on how warmly the American audience receives it. It's all up to you guys, really."

Seven weeks ago, Masterpiece shared a snapshot on their official Instagram page and apparently planted the nail in the coffin, ending all hopes.

@MasterpiecePBS wrote, "We love the series and wish it could go on; however, at this time there are no plans for another season. You'll be the first to know if that changes!"

One has only to say the name 'Sanditon' on Twitter, and its passionate devotees are quick to pipe up with their love for the show. Several fan groups, notably, #sanditonsisterhood, are making it their business to see that Charlotte and Sidney get the happy ending they believe Austen intended.

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It's always a shame when an underrated show, especially one that is adored by fans, is unable to reach its full potential.