Italian Man Freaks Out When American Fiancée Orders Pineapple Pizza

One Italian man's reaction to his American fiancée requesting pineapple on pizza has gone viral, after he hilariously threatened to leave the country.

Carlo Longo and Sarah Mollica regularly share content on TikTok about the beauty and quarrels of being a transatlantic couple. Mollica is from America, while Longo is from Italy. According to their videos, they spent most of their first date on Google Translate.

Their language barrier may have eased since then, but there's certainly still another barrier there—the language of food. In a video shared on June 20, Mollica documented a hilarious dilemma the pair faced while ordering food during their summer stay in Italy. The couple are residing there for three months.

"Telling my Italian fiancé that I want pineapple on my pizza," she captioned the clip.

Mollica began by asking: "You think if I asked for pineapple on the pizza, they'd give it to me?"

That's all it takes for a look of horror to appear on Longo's face.

"My love, if you do this I can't continue to live here," he said.

"It's pineapple, everyone does it in America," responded Mollica.

"I know that," said Longo, admitting that he actually likes pineapple on pizza himself. "I tried it, it's okay, it's good but if somebody knows that you're my fiancé and here you ask for pineapple, I can't live here."

"You're so dramatic," responded Sarah.

"So dramatic? Pineapple on the pizza?" responded Longo.

In just five days since its June 20 upload, the hilarious reaction has gained over one million likes, and sparked the internet-born debate on whether pineapple should be on pizza.

"That was legit the only reaction one should have to pineapple on pizza," commented one TikTok viewer.

"What's so wrong about pineapple on pizza? It's great," wrote another.

After the popular Twitter account @italiancomments, which documents "Italians mad at food," shared the video, conversation turned to whether or not the pairing is actually a disgrace to Italians.

"No Italian worth their salt would ever put pineapple on a pizza," wrote one Twitter user.

While many agreed, some instead suggested that although some of Italy may have high standards for their pizza combinations, southern Italy does not.

"Meanwhile in Southern Italy," tweeted one user along with an image of a pizza topped with fries.

This isn't the first time, and likely won't be the last, Italian Twitter users have been left outraged by the food choices of an American. In May, Facebook creators Josh and Lisa made their mark after suggesting people mix their spaghetti and sauce together on a countertop.

Newsweek contacted Sarah Mollica for comment.

Pineapple pizza
Pineapple on pizza. The food combination sparked a hilarious reaction in a viral video. Getty Images

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