Sarah Jessica Parker on How Super Bowl LIII Ad Honors 'Sex and the City' for a Good Cause

Super Bowl LIII is a momentous occasion for several reasons. It's an opportunity to see which National Football League (NFL) team triumphs as champion, it's a chance to see a stellar halftime show put on by today's top talent and it's an occasion to bring people together. However, one can't argue that the commercials that play throughout the game aren't one of the best parts of the entire viewing experience.

This Sunday, Sarah Jessica Parker will appear in a Super Bowl ad for Stella Artois as her beloved Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw. In revisiting the iconic part, she'll be helping to promote a good cause.

Parker, 53, last portrayed Carrie on the big screen in 2010's Sex and the City 2. Before this, the Divorce actress said farewell to the part on the popular HBO series in 2004. She was eager to reprise Carrie in her Stella Artois ad, which also stars Jeff Bridges as his The Big Lebowski character, due to its connection with—an organization founded by Gary White and Matt Damon that aims to unearth solutions to the world's water crisis. In the ad, Carrie swaps out her signature cosmopolitan for a Stella Artois to help the "Pour It Forward" initiative, which provides access to clean water for those living without it.

"It's wonderful that there's lots of interest in Carrie supporting brands and organizations. This one, the messaging was so good and so important, because it's so specific," Parker told Newsweek. "It's a relationship a person has with a drink and it's saying, she's making a switch. I think that's why it felt so right for her to do this, because it's such a simple act. She has this association with this drink, she's saying, 'No, I want to do this to do good, to make an impact, to change lives."

This move on Carrie's part, while small, is crucial in the long run. Through Stella Artois's partnership with, they're encouraging adults of age to swap water for a Stella to help provide access to clean water. Every Stella six-pack provides water to one person in a developing region for 6 months and purchased twelve-packs gives water to a person in a developing area for 12 months. Bottles served at bars, however, provides an individual in a developing region clean water for one month.

"When there is a problem that is as large as [this]—although it's hard for us to believe, as simple as access to clean water, it's not gonna be solved by one person or one organization," Parker said. "When a leader like Stella makes these efforts and makes them publicly and continues to pursue it, I just think it has a huge impact. It encourages other companies to do the same. It's a lot of work on the ground. It's just I think being responsible and engaged and committed...It has [a] huge impact."

Sunday's game is the perfect occasion to showcase a beer ad of this caliber, as the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots go head to head to win the title. Parker dished on what her Super Bowl plans are while keeping tight-lipped about who she's secretly rooting for.

"I love getting invited to someone's house and I always bring something. I'll be bringing Stella," she said. "I love the game. I love the opportunity to gather with friends. They'll bring out a poster board, they'll draw off all the squares. We'll put five bucks in a bucket and that will determine any commitment on my part for a team or anybody winning."

Sarah Jessics Parker as Carrie in Stella Artois Ad
Je Bridges (L) as The Dude and Sarah Jessica Parker (R) as Carrie Bradshaw in a Stella Artois Super Bowl Ad that will air February 3, 2019. In the ad, Carrie is shown swapping out her signature cosmopolitan for a Stella Artois to help provide access to clean water for those in need of it. Stella Artois