Sarah Paulson Reacts to Everyone Saying Adele Now Looks like Her: 'I'll Take It'

Adele sharing a new photo on her Instagram has become something of an event and the most recent update of her thriving on her birthday drew much discussion over her weight loss.

Fans of the Grammy-winning singer have been remarking just how much Adele now looks like actress Sarah Paulson and the American Horror Story actress is well aware.

Twitter has been comparing the two for weeks and the resemblance is uncanny in some side-by-side shots, and Paulson is more than happy with the comparison.

"This has been going on for a while, this 'Adele looks like Sarah Paulson,'" the actress said on SiriusXM's EW Live Wednesday.

"Listen, I'll take it. What I wish they were comparing is my talent to her talent and saying that mine is as great as hers."

The 45-year-old actress added: "Quite honestly, they can't say [that]. Because no-one's talent is as great as hers. Which is really irritating. Looking like her? She's a beauty. I'll take it."

Twitter is awash with side-by-side photos of the two stars, with fans enjoying the recent discovery.

One Twitter user joked: "If two women can't reproduce tell me how Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson gave birth to Adele."

While another added: "I never realized how much Adele looks like Sarah Paulson."

Does Adele now look like Sarah Paulson or does Sarah Paulson now look like Adele 🤔

— Childish Gavino ™️ (@gbishop1121) May 7, 2020

I never realized how much
Adele looks like Sarah Paulson.😲

— Ison Calix (@isoncalix) May 6, 2020

I’m not saying Adele and Sarah Paulson are the same person but

— © (@alphafemalestan) May 6, 2020

The picture that erupted the discourse is the now-iconic photo Adele posted to Instagram on May 6 to mark her 32nd birthday.

"I hope you're all staying safe and sane during this crazy time," she wrote.

"I'd like to thank all of our first responders and essential workers who are keeping us safe while risking their lives! You are truly our angels."

The post now has a staggering 11.2 million likes and has garnered dozens of reactions from celebrities, from Jameela Jamil to Chrissy Teigen, Diplo and Rita Wilson to name a few.

Although the response to Adele's new look has been mostly positive, it has sparked a huge debate around body image.

The "Hello" singer's former personal trainer, Pete Geracimo, hit back at some negative comments in an Instagram post, stating: "When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny. It was about getting her healthy.

"My hope is that people appreciate the hard work that Adele has done to improve herself for the benefit to her and her family only. She did not lose the weight to make others feel bad about themselves. This personal transformation has nothing to do with me or you. It's about Adele and how she wants to live her life. She has not changed from the Adele we grew up with and have loved. There is just a little less of her to go around."

Sarah Paulson
Sarah Paulson attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 09, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images