Sarah Sanders Claims Donald Trump Reads 'More Than Anybody I Know'


Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has defended President Donald Trump over claims in a new book by a White House insider that aides to the commander-in-chief have to "dumb down" briefings.

Hitting back at the suggestion in the book A Warning, penned by an anonymous senior White House official, that the president was unable to focus his attention on more than one point at a time, Huckabee Sanders claimed that Trump read "more than anybody I know."

Speaking in an interview with Fox News' Steve Hilton on Sunday, Sanders said: "I've watched this process play out so many times, sat in hundreds of meetings with the president, and the idea that he can only take in one or two bullets is absurd. I've watched him consume massive amount of information, process it quickly and make decisions."

Asked about the rumor that Trump doesn't like to read briefings, Sanders responded: "He reads more than anybody I know. Every single foreign trip we actually would laugh about the fact he has boxes upon boxes, file boxes where he reads for hours. The rest of us want to take a break, we wanna sleep, the president works the entire time."

Anonymous had suggested that the president's attention span was so short that aides were instructed to whittle their information down to a single point and repeat it often to get the president's attention.

"They were told to cut back the overall message (on complicated issues such as military readiness or the federal budget) to just three main points. Eh, that was still too much. Soon, West Wing aides were exchanging 'best practices' for success in the Oval Office. The most salient advice? Forget the three points," the book claimed.

"Come in with one main point and repeat it over and over again, even if the president inevitably goes off on tangents, until he gets it. Just keep steering the subject back to it. ONE point. Just that one point. Because you cannot focus the commander in chief's attention on more than one goddamned thing over the course of a meeting, okay?" the anonymous author wrote.

It is not the first time it has been suggested that president Trump dislikes long meetings and isn't interested in reading briefings, with a report from The Washington Post in 2018 claiming that the president did not like to read briefings because it is not his "style of learning."

The new anonymous book suggests that the president, when handed a large document by a White House official on one occasion, shouted, "What the f*** is this? These are just words. A bunch of words. It doesn't mean anything."