Sasha Obama's TikTok Dance Catches Notice for an Odd Reason— Her White Friends

When someone posted a video Sasha Obama dancing with a group of friends on TikTok over the weekend, she likely didn't expect it to get noticed for a very unexpected reason: The presence of so many white people.

Sasha Obama
Sasha Obama (center) with then-U.S. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at the National Christmas Tree Lighting in December, 2016, in Washington, DC. Getty

The user, identified only as @pixiestick222, quickly deleted the video, but not before someone else captured it and shared it on Twitter. It was on that platform that it took on a whole new life.

The Twitter user, Kushaan Shah, posted the clip on Twitter on Sunday, noting that "Sasha Obama about to make this girl's TikTok viral."

Sasha Obama about to make this girl's TikTok viral 🤭

— Kushaan Shah (@kushaanshah) November 30, 2020

Shah was right about that, but it's unlikely he could have predicted exactly why it was widely shared and remarked upon. At first, many viewers latched on to Sasha's long, acrylic nails. But then, more recently, some people took notice that several of the young people dancing with the former first daughter, aside from a younger black man behind her, are white.

Author/activist Ariaa Jaeger applauded Sasha, noting she was "doing the lord's work teaching teaching white kids rhythm."

Sasha Obama doing the lord's work teaching white kids rhythm. < can I get a Hallelujah! 😅🤣

— Ariaa Jaeger (@AriaaJaeger) December 2, 2020

People who complained, mocked, or feigned surprise at Sasha having white friends mostly deleted their comments shortly after posting. However, a few of the ones who at least tried to address it humorously, rather than with anger, remained.

This is legit the most white people I seen Sasha Obama around outside of WH events

— Queen of the Negros (@imdacraic) December 2, 2020

This commenter said fellow black people shouldn't be judgmental. Others also noted that most people have friends of different races.

Blacks people so judgementalllll LOL shade room posted Sasha Obama with her friends and all the comments worried about is that she got white friends....... like sit the fuck downnnnn!!! We need to get a life frfr LOL

— DDB✊🏾 (@LookAt_DeeNow88) December 2, 2020

More than one Twitter user noted they weren't surprised Sasha has white friends while alleging that may be the case for her having gone to prominently white private schools.

Sasha Obama : * goes to private school her whole life *

Twitter : * pretends to be shocked at her having white friends in college *

— John (@iam_johnw) December 2, 2020

Sasha, 19, is a student at the University of Michigan, though as of the end of September, her mother Michelle revealed both Obama girls were resuming school virtually at home. In other words, this group isn't likely a group of random youngsters with her, even though it's unclear when and where the video was recorded.

However, some people on social media--like the writer below--attacked Sasha for supposedly flouting pandemic protocol by gathering inside with a group of people, dancing closely together, while not wearing masks. (Note: The group appears smaller than even the most stringent recommendation of 10 or less people gathering together, and it's unclear if this group is part of a "quarantine pod" or not.)

They’re giving Sasha Obama a pass on no social distancing/masks what a surprise.

— 🌐Zombies Privilege🌐 (@CharlesJhallory) December 2, 2020

Tim O'Brien, a columnist at Bloomberg Opinion, joked that she was trending because her father didn't try to get her a preemptive pardon. (He's referencing the report that Donald Trump is allegedly trying to as much for his daughter Ivanka before he leaves the White House.)

Sasha Obama is trending because her father didn't try to get her a preemptive pardon.

— Tim O'Brien (@TimOBrien) December 2, 2020

This writer didn't care if people are criticizing Sasha's nails or her friends; they should just leave her be.

I saw Sasha Obama trending & I was worried for a minute. Then I saw ppl r upset because of her friends. Or is it her nails? This is my message to those who are upset about this.

— Femme du Ciel (@ciel_femme) December 2, 2020

Others concentrated on the positive, like this message noting that Sasha "looks happy, "has a group of normal looking friends, and is simply beautiful. We're good over here."

Our Sasha Obama looks happy, has a group of normal looking friends, and is simply beautiful😍. We're good over here.

— Ms Ann (@MsAnn773) December 2, 2020