Satisfying Video of 'Huge' Crystals Pulled From Earth Viewed 20M Times

A video showing the satisfying way crystals can be pulled out of the ground has gone viral online, capturing the wholesome reaction to the find.

On December 8, TikTok user and self-proclaimed treasure hunter @pioneerpauly posted a clip of his friend and fellow crystal hunter Bryan Major, also known as @thecrystalcollector.

Filmed at Avant Mining in Blue Springs, Arkansas, the group managed to find and pull a pair of large quartz from clay. For many viewers, the satisfying process has shown them for the first time how crystals can be mined.

"Pulling out a pair of crystals out of the clay! Unearthing pretty things for the first time is a neat feeling," he captioned the video. The video has gained over 20 million views and 3.7 million likes at the time of publication.

Major begins by slowly pulling at the crystal lodged in the clay. "It's moving," someone can be heard saying off camera.

"This is larger than I thought, look at this," he said, as the "huge" crystal began to budge from the clay. The reveal of the quartz in its full length was met with "ooh" sounds from off-camera voices—something praised by viewers of the video.

"That's why he is the crystal collector," joked one person in the video, as the crystal was fully pulled from the clay. In a subsequent clip, a second almost-identical crystal was similarly pulled out too.

"It's even more satisfying to pull one out yourself," wrote @pioneerpauly, in response to the many comments explaining just how satisfying the clip was.


Pulling out a pair of crystals out of the clay! Unearthing pretty things for the first time is a neat feeling 🤓💎 #crystals #quartz #fyp

♬ original sound - PioneerPauly

With so many viewers, many have rushed to express envy at the find. "It hurts to see other people living your dream," commented one user.

"I love the mutual excitement," added another.

"Where do I get a job like this?" asked one TikTok viewer.

By day, @pioneerpauly works as an actor, but in his spare time he hunts for gold and other treasures, including crystals, and shares it all online.

"Most of the time I enjoy gold prospecting but will do just about anything if it means getting outside," he said on his YouTube channel, which boasts over 200,000 subscribers. His TikTok account has over 300,000.

It's no surprise that it's this video of his that has found fame on TikTok, where #CrystalTok is reigning supreme. The hashtag #Crystals has over 7.5 billion views, and communities of users share videos about their supposed healing and spiritual properties.

Earlier in 2021, a crystal called moldavite, believed by some to turn your life upside down, became a popular talking point on the app.

With over 493 million views on the hashtag, users recounted stories of breakups, losing friends, traumatic events, and even deaths after purchasing a moldavite crystal.

Newsweek has contacted @pioneerpauly for comment.

Crystals in hands
Stock image of crystals mined. A TikTok user filmed his own experience pulling crystals out of the earth. Getty Images