Is 'SNL' on Tonight? Watch Emma Thompson Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Saturday Night Live will get Dame treatment when Emma Thompson hosts the show on Saturday. The renowned British actor, who was appointed a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II in 2018, is set to appear on the sketch comedy show for the very first time.

It's quite an exciting honor to have such a prestigious figure grace the SNL studios inside of New York City's Rockefeller Center, and no one knows this more than Kate McKinnon. The longtime SNL regulatory player appears in the latest SNL promo completely gobsmacked by Thompson and decides to take her on a royal tour of the SNL set starting in an area that's designated as Thompson's dressing room.

Much to Thompson's surprise, McKinnon has given the dressing room a knightly makeover. There's plushy leather chairs for Thompson to sit and one with McKinnon's name on it too. McKinnon explains she's put a seat in the room for herself so she can "just sit here, then pop up the second you needed anything and then go get it for you." There's even a little bell for Thompson to ring should she need McKinnon to "pop up" and get it for her.

The Jonas Brothers are in the dressing room too, waiting to sing any song Thompson wants.

With everyone so starstruck over the Late Night actor, it'll be interesting to see what actual work the cast will get done during the special Mother's Day episode of SNL on Saturday.

Find out everything else to know about the upcoming SNL below.

Who's performing: For the first time in more than 10 years, the Jonas Brothers will hit the SNL stage. The group is gearing up to go on tour for their latest album, Happiness Begins, which is set for release on June 7. The album and the tour mark the band's big return following a lengthy retirement.

When: Thompson and the Jonas Brothers will appear on SNL during the show's usual time slot at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Where: SNL airs on NBC.

Can it be live streamed: If you aren't able to catch SNL on the boob tube, you certainly can live stream the show on a smart device on NBC's website and app. However, you'll need a cable provider login to access the stream. Those with Hulu Live services will be able to watch the show in real-time through the app, but those with standard Hulu subscriptions will have to wait until after the show airs to view on-demand. All the best moments of the show will be available on SNL's YouTube following the show as well. As always, folks can keep up with all the SNL chatter online by following the hashtag #SNL.