'Saturday Night Live' Pokes Fun at the Conways in a 'Marriage Story' Parody

Saturday Night Live mocked the marriage between Kellyanne Conway, special counselor to President Donald Trump, and her husband George Conway—a lawyer and sharp critic of the president—in a segment that premiered on the show's December 14 episode.

Actress Scarlett Johansson was the episode's guest host, and portrayed a therapist giving a session to a George played by Beck Bennett and a Kellyanne played by Kate McKinnon. In real life, the couple's marriage has been the topic of many a talk show discussion and news article; while Kellyanne is employed by the president and frequently defends and rationalizes his actions on the national and international stage, George regularly criticizes Trump and appears to mock his wife for defending justifying what he does.

The SNL bit was framed as a trailer for a film about a marriage. It was a blatant parody of this year's acclaimed Netflix original movie Marriage Story, in which Johansson starred opposite Adam Driver. While that film won and was nominated for numerous accolades, SNL's parody "A Conway Marriage Story" won such joke awards as the "Deep State Medal of Freedom" and was an official selection of the "Breitbart Film Festival."

Johansson's therapist character opened the "trailer" by saying to the couple, "All right, so I'm familiar with some of the differences of opinion that you've had publicly. I want to know what you love about each other."

The "Conways" then read off of lists they wrote of what they loved one another for—which came off as sarcastic. Bennett's George Conway, for example, wrote that he loves how Kellyanne "works so hard for her boss [Trump] even though I hate his guts." As he said this, McKinnon's Kellyanne was shown making a TV appearance in which she justified Trump's policy of detaining undocumented immigrant children at the border.

McKinnon, as Kellyanne, had an equally backhanded bullet point on her list. "What I love about George: He always leaves his coffee mugs around." The camera cut to the Conways' home, where we could see that George had left mugs imprinted with slogans like "I Don't Like Trump" and "Duck You Fonald," one of which Kellyanne unceremoniously knocked off of the table as she passed it.

The couple went on with their lists, with George writing that he loves how the two of them keeping in touch during the workday—which apparently means George tweeting, "Trump is a psychopath" and Kellyanne responding, "Hi Hon. We're out of milk."

"I love that we agree on the big stuff, like small government, and no food for poors," McKinnon as Kellyanne said. The couple were shown walking down an evening street during the rain. When they spot a homeless man, they both holler at him in unison, "Get a job!" before sharing a kiss.

The "trailer" ended when McKinnon's Kellyanne asked the therapist if she had what she needed for the article she would be writing. After the therapist, confused, told the couple that what she discussed with them would not leave the room.

"Well, then why are we doing this?" McKinnon's character asked. "We're gonna go. We have to go fight on The View."

Kellyanne Conway Speaks To The Media At The White House
Counselor to US President Trump, Kellyanne Conway speaks to the media in the Brady Briefing Room at the White House on December 5, 2019 in Washington, DC. Conway spoke about the Impeachment inquiry against President Trump. Mark Wilson/Getty