'Pardon Me': Steve Martin's Roger Stone on SNL Appeals to Donald Trump for Help, But Shouts 'I'm Loving the Ride. Go Nixon!'

Saturday Night Live veteran Steve Martin donned the circle glasses and suit this weekend to portray eccentric Donald Trump ally Roger Stone in the cold open.

Alex Moffat, playing Fox News host Tucker Carlson, introduced the opening segment following Stone's real-life arrest and indictment, news that dominated the headlines on Friday. Martin was jokingly introduced as "a man you look at and instantly think 'I trust this guy.'"

"Our final story this week is of course the dramatic and some would say ludicrous arrest of long-time Trump associate Roger Stone," Moffat said. Referencing the exclusive footage filmed during his arrest at the hands of unpaid FBI agents on Friday, the host added: "The man is 66-years-old, frail, barely able to post shirtless photos of his jacked body. Clearly no threat to anyone."

The real-world Stone indictment included one count of obstruction, five counts of false statements and one count of witness-tampering. He was released on $250,000 bond, with travel restrictions. The Saturday Night Live version mirrored reality—with Martin's Stone reveling in the spotlight. "What a fun couple of days. I'm loving the ride. Go Nixon!" Martin shouted.

The host interjected, spinning the narrative to suggest the faux Stone must surely be having a "harrowing" experience, with his home being raided by federal agents and the special counsel hitting him with seven felony counts. "That was four counts!" Martin countered, before admitting he was not telling the truth. "OK I'm lying. Honestly, I think I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life!"

Moffat, as Carlson, noted his interview subject was surely supposed to be portraying himself as a "feeble old man" in his public statements. Martin spluttered back: "Oh yeah, right, the pity thing I wanted to go on, I'm just a poor helpless old man, I'm 66, I'm almost as old as Sting. The whole experience was so harrowing and afterwards I could only manage one radio interview and a speech from the steps of the courthouse and two appearances on television. It's horrible!"

The satirical Stone said he was now planning to seek money from the public to help raise legal fees to fight the allegations against him. He said: "I set up a donation page based on a phrase people have been yelling everywhere at me: 'Hey Roger, go fund yourself!'"

After being thanked by the host for appearing, Martin shouted back, "Pardon me?" He quickly clarified: "Oh no, that wasn't a question, I was saying that to the president. Pardon me!" Deadpan, Moffat responded: "Well I'm sure he appreciates your loyalty and your eccentricity."

Back in reality, in comments made on the steps of a Fort Lauderdale courthouse, Stone told local media on Friday that he would not be co-operating with the special counsel's office. "I have made it clear I will not testify against the president," he said. "Because I would have to bear false witness against him."

Denying the allegations, Stone noted: "As I have always said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." He was also pictured doing Nixon's "V for Victory pose.