'Saturday Night Live' Season 43 with Sterling K. Brown: Everything You Need to Know Before Show Airs

Sterling K. Brown knows how to bring Americans to tears—he's done it week-after-week as Randall Pearson during the first two seasons of NBC's award-winning series This Is Us. And then there was his performance as on Lifetime's Army Wives. But the real question is: Can he make us laugh?

On Saturday, the 41-year-old actor will flex his comedic muscles when he makes his grand debut on Saturday Night Live. And he's pretty excited about the gig. While chatting with Us Weekly recently, Brown revealed he's been a fan of SNL since he was "a baby" and that he has been preparing for the role ever since. He even went back to "re-watch a lot of documentaries on how the process goes" when he found out he'd be hosting the show.

With all that practice, it's highly unlikely he'll bomb. Here's what you need to know about the show before it airs live Saturday night.

Who's performing: Following the release of his first single in four years, "Wild Love," English singer and songwriter James Bay will take to SNL's stage for the first time on Saturday. He's likely to perform his second single, "Pink Lemonade," off his forthcoming album Electric Light.

When: Brown will make his hosting debut at SNL's regular timeslot at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Where:SNL will air on NBC.

Can it be live streamed:SNL can definitely be live streamed. Folks without access to a TV can watch the show on any smart device through NBC's website or on the network's app. Viewers that have Hulu can also stream the show there. For those only interested in catching the best SNL clips, highlights from the episode will be posted on SNL's YouTube after the show. Keep up along with the SNL banter on social media during the episode by following the hashtag #SNL.