Who Might Die in 'Scandal' Finale? Tony Goldwyn Says Ending Is 'Really Satisfying'

After six years, the rollercoaster drama that is Scandal will finally come to an end. The finale is set to air on Thursday, giving fans one final chaotic look into the lives of Olivia Pope, Fitz and Mellie Grant. Viewers will also say farewell to characters like Cyrus Beene, Quinn, Huck, Abby and all the other white hat-wearers and B6-13 supporters.

Fans should expect the last episode of Scandal to show the obliteration of the assassin group B6-13, but someone might die as well. A promo teaser for the series finale shows Olivia (Kerry Washington) and several other gladiators exposing all their info on the murderous group, formerly controlled by her father, Rowan Pope, (Joe Morton), in front of a special counsel. Seconds after, a round gunshots ring off in the background, which more than likely means one (or more) of the beloved Scandal characters will die in the end.

No matter what happens in the final episode, Tony Goldwyn, who plays ex-president Fitz, assured Newsweek that fans would find the ending "really satisfying."

"I was really surprised by how skillfully Shonda [Rhimes, creator] and our writers weaved the whole thing together. It's really satisfying. It's rather upsetting. It's gratifying in some ways and frustrating in others," he said. "Every character gets...comes to a conclusion in a way that may not be what you expected, may not be what you wanted. But I think people will ultimately go, 'Yeah that felt true.'"

He added: "I was kind of knocked out by how they did it, and I know how hard our writers worked. They were killing themselves and writing up to the very last minute to make the decisions about how this incredible kind of roller coaster ride was gonna end. I think people are really in for a treat"

The Scandal series finale airs at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. And folks without cable can still watch the show via live stream on ABC's website or app.

I expect Olivia and Fitz to finally go to Vermont and make jam, David and Abby married, Huck to reunite with his son and his wife, and Cyrus to die in this season finale #Scandal pic.twitter.com/bvQjQ2tvEq

— Court (@courtneydaye_) April 13, 2018