Missing Notice Posted for 'Dangerous' Crocodile Scarface: 'The King'

A missing notice has been posted for a legendary Australian crocodile, "considered dangerous," and known as "Scarface".

The 14-foot croc—who was dubbed Scarface due to the many scars on his face—lives in the Daintree River in Queensland. David White, the owner of Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile & Wildlife Cruises, has been watching the huge crocodile for years, and said on Facebook that this is his longest absence from the river in 26 years. White also referred to the crocodile as "The King" because of its size.

The huge crocodile was last seen on February 11 "wearing nothing but a big smile," White wrote in a Facebook post. White has been out looking for Scarface in the middle of the night for the past two weeks but there has still been no sign of him.

Two other crocodiles, nicknamed "Bung Eye" and "Big Nick," have been found living in Scarface's territory. White says this may be a sign that the crocodiles are testing new boundaries. White has never seen Bung Eye this far up the river before.

White said on Facebook that if anybody sees the crocodile, they should not approach as he is "considered dangerous." Crocodiles rarely attack humans but they can be dangerous if provoked or threatened.

Scarface is thought to be around 70 years old, which is the average life expectancy for a crocodile. He is somewhat of a local hero, and many people who go on White's tours hope to catch a glimpse of him.

"So what now, has he retired, I don't know? What happens if he has, we don't know. While I know It's a natural thing, no one is immortal," White said on Facebook.

"I get on with Scarface and his family better than I do most people, and for most folks that's hard to understand a strange concept, crazy even. His absence and this latest incident with the shoot first, ask questions later attitude, I can't help but worry about his retirement . He is safe if he stays in this river as long as someone doesn't do something stupid [...] Let's hope he's up the creek & I've been needlessly sleep deprived & worried & it's all just a big joke on the dam paparazzi."

White has captured many of Scarface's exploits over the years.

In January, he was filmed feasting on a feral pig. In the video, Scarface can be seen lifting the pig out of the water and thrashing it about to break it up.

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