'Scary Accurate' Clip of 1960s Kids Predicting Future Life Goes Viral

A resurfaced clip highlighting the eyeopening and often correct predictions of kids in the 1960s about life in the year 2000 is turning heads in a viral video.

The Reddit post, captioned, "1960s children imagine life in the year 2000," is actually a snippet from an episode of BBC's Tomorrow's World that originally aired on December 28, 1966. Students from Marlborough College, Roedean, and Chippenham schools were interviewed making predictions about what life would be like for them in the year 2000.

A boy made a prediction when it comes to animals like livestock being artificially created and also raised to produce larger animals, which has come to pass with artificial meat and genetically modified food.

"They will be kept in batteries," he explained. "They won't be allowed to graze on pastures, they'll be kept in buildings altogether. Artificially reared so they'll yield larger, be bigger and give more food."

Although genetically modified food has become the norm, not everyone partakes. According to Statista, the main reason consumers avoid foods that are genetically modified in the year 2018 in the United States is because of health concerns, which made up 85 percent of the results.

A longer video of the episode can be viewed from BBC Archive on YouTube. The almost three-minute clip was shared to the subreddit "Interesting as F**k, garnering 84,900 upvotes since it was shared on May 1 by Redditor @radkoolaid.

The first child who spoke in the video clip was a girl who sported a short haircut in the black and white video. She was talking about more people having access to bombs.

"There's nothing you can do to stop it," she said. "The more people who get bombs, the more ... Well, somebody's going to use it someday."

A blonde girl in pigtails mentioned overpopulation as well as wars. But she didn't stop there.

"All of the nuclear explosions and everything," she said. "It will make the Earth ... You know, too much radiation, and it will become too hot to live on. I think there will be no life at all on the Earth."

A boy in a suit and tie was next up, and he relayed that he didn't think there would be "atomic warfare." However, he did think there would be a lot of "automation."

"People are going to be out of work, and a great population," he said. "I think something has to be done about it. If I wasn't a biologist, that's what I'd like to do. To do something about the population problem. Try and sort of temper it somehow. I don't know how."

Another boy in a suit and tie kept it short and sweet. "I think people will be regarded more as statistics instead of actual people," he said.

A girl with short hair and bangs didn't have high hopes for the future. "I don't think it's going to be so nice," she said. "I think, sort of all machines everywhere. Everyone doing everything for you. You know, you'll get all bored, and I don't think it'll be so nice."

The first girl from the beginning of the clip spoke again, this time on computers and the job outlook in the year 2000.

Biologist using microscope
A "scary accurate" clip of kids in the 1960s predicting future life has gone viral. Here, a biologist looking into a microscope. JEVTIC/GETTY

"First of all, computers are taking over now," she added. "Computers and automation. And in the year 2000, there just won't be enough jobs to go around, and the only jobs there will be for people who have high IQs who can work computers and such things, and other people just aren't going to have jobs. There just aren't going to be jobs for them to have."

Another girl with side bangs said people in the future won't be able to live in regular houses as it would "take up too much room. They'd have to be in flats, piled on top of one another." She also believed the houses would be "rather small" and cramped.

A girl accurately predicted the upward advancement in modern medicine, which includes cures and treatments for once thought to be incurable ailments. "I think it'll be much more efficient, 'cause they'll be more cures for the diseases, and not so many people will get sick," she said.

A blonde girl believed that people won't be separated or segregated, and will live all together. "And the poor people and the rich people will become the same. They will be poor and rich, but they won't look down on each other."

To conclude, a boy revealed he wasn't "looking forward" to living in the year 2000. "I mean, the world seems to be in such a terrible state now, let alone in 50 years' time."

Over 5,300 comments poured in on the post on Reddit, and people are quite literally shocked by the accurate predictions of some of the students.

A Redditor reasoned that the "obvious takeaway" is that the kids were correct "about many things." They also added, "And that certainly is notable. But to me, the most poignant thing was the last kid, who essentially said 'things are in such a terrible state now, I can't imagine what things will be like then.'"

Redditors brought up the boy who predicted genetically modified food and livestock. "That kid was so on the money with both his predictions," a viewer said.

Some people have theories about the answers given by the kids. One viewer thought the surprising utterances involved the kids overhearing their parents.

"It's because these things were already happening in the 60s just at a smaller scale," a viewer said. "The adults in their lives would have been talking about it because it was on TV."

A Redditor thinks the kids were pretty accurate with what they said on the clip. "Computers have consumed us, unemployment, rich looking down on poor, automation pushed aside people. We need to see how they did till 2000, it would be very interesting."

Some people were surprised by the answers the kids gave about the future. "What I expected them to say: flying cars, robots," a viewer pointed out. "What they said: overpopulation, climate change, nuclear warfare."

Other comments included things like, "The girl about diseases was spot on," "I'm actually really blown away," and "Some of this is scary accurate."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @radkoolaid for comment.

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