'Scary' Apartment Complex With Indoor Balconies Is Freaking People Out

Having a balcony is a great asset to any home, affording you the opportunity to get fresh air while soaking up a view.

However, a TikToker has shared her discovery of an apartment complex with a very unique balcony design, and it is creeping people out online.

The woman identified as Rachel, who goes by the account name Rayyy.of_sunshine, explained that she was in the middle of "moving to another apartment" so she was staying at a friend's place at Virginia Tech when she discovered that the block had indoor balconies.

Posting a video of the design on July 18, which has already been viewed a whopping 3.6 million times, we can see a hall with two floors of rooms.

The doors on the second floor have wooden balconies looking out on the derelict hallway.

The medical student set the video to eerie music and added text that read: "This is the WEIRDEST apartment complex I've ever seen."

She then went on to caption the footage, which can be watched here, writing: "??? just so weird #scary #fyp #viral #abandoned #virginiatech."

The clip has gained lots of traction online, having been liked more than 418,900 times.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the building.

Some agreed that the design was scary including TikTok user Markjin who commented: "Prison vibez."

Another person, Jadeiz22, added: "Does anyone feel like something is about to pop out in a second."

Katherine typed: "I would've packed my bags long time ago."

Just A Kid stated: "You better run."

Some social media users also claimed they had previously dreamed about the hallway, with Alisha Donnelly admitting: "Why have I actually had a dream here."

J agreed, typing: "I have dreamt about something really similar to this OMG."

Others were not totally against the design, including Nina who wrote: "It could be cool when you wanna argue with your neighbors."

Bina revealed: "My mom lived there!! They had crazy parties in the common area and once had a dj on a balcony. She loved it."

In a later video, posted on July 19, Rachel explained that she was told that the the balconies are inside because "some rooms literally don't have windows and apparently that doesn't meet fire code."

She then went on to add: "If they have a balcony then it's fine because then if there's a fire then they can jump from the balcony. Hence weird creepy a** balcony."

A bedroom
Stock image of a bedroom. On TikTok a woman has shared a video of a "scary" apartment complex. Getty Images

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