What Happened To 'My 600-Lb. Life' Subject Schenee?

At nearly 700 pounds, Schenee Murry has struggled with her weight since she was a child. But Murry decided to change her life, by seeking the help of My 600-Lb. Life surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, after she suffered two miscarriages. With her husband, Freddie, taking care of her, Schenee wants to lose weight so she can potentially save her marriage and become pregnant.

In a sneak peek clip for the series, Schenee explained she didn't have a close relationship with her father. "I'm the only child to my mother and my father. My dad always worked, so instead of me being a daddy's little girl, I was always a mamma's girl," she said.

Schenee started to put on weight after she was molested by a family member when she was 5 years old. "There was one time when were [were] at my uncle's house and I was molested by my cousin. I didn't know as a child what was going on," she explained.

Schenee's mother, Verlena, remembered her daughter coming up from the basement that day and whining: "She was touching her front area. She was hurting."

"All I remember is my mom took me to the doctor 'cause I couldn't use the bathroom," Schenee said about the abuse. "It was hurting really bad—and that's when she found out. Inside, I feel terrible. But I just hid all my feelings. I started sneaking food right after that incident. Food made me feel better. It made me feel happy."

By the age of 7, Schenee weighed 130 pounds. "When I was in elementary [school], my teacher threw away my lunch because I was too fat. It felt very humiliating and that made me wanna eat more," she said.

Schenee continued to sneak food. Her mother would find bones in the couch and under the bed. "I got very heavy. And when I was 11 I was around 160," she recalled. "I was larger than the other kids so I usually got picked on."

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"My 600-Lb. Life" subject Schenee was molested when she was 5 years old, and started her eating habit shortly after that. TLC