'Scholarship Prank' Trend Sees Parents Hilariously React to Kids' Wild Lies

TikTok is regularly perceived to be a hotbed for misinformation, but in this trend users are lying on purpose and for hilarious reasons.

The "scholarship prank" sees TikTok users pretend to enlist the help of their parents and grandparents to earn themselves a college scholarship worth thousands. Under the guise that the pair are filming a video to apply for the scholarship and answer questions, the parent sits next to the child ready to earn them the money.

Often, the TikToker will claim that they've been asked who their biggest inspiration in life is, introducing their parents or grandparents. They then film themselves reeling off a series of incredible lies about their lives.

But it's the reactions from the parents that truly make the pranks worthwhile, with some left horrified by the accusations while others actually go along with it all in a bid to earn the scholarship.

#scholarshipprank currently has a collective 36 million views on the app at the time of publication and it's not uncommon for one video to rack up likes in the hundreds of thousands.

For those not applying to college, TikTok users slightly tweak the reason for filming a video, instead pretending to be sending a video application for a job or filming it as a class assignment.

TikTok user @crazyjazz93's mom had an unforgettable reaction, when Jazmine filmed her scholarship prank, gaining over 390,000 likes. In the video, which can be seen here, her mom "snapped" after Jazmine claimed she had worked as a sex worker in her younger years.

"They asked me what inspired me, and I told them 'my mom' of course," she said. "It's a backstory to it. So, growing up, my mom was a prostitute and," she continued before being swiftly cut off.

"Why the f*** is you lying, girl, stop f***ing lying," yelled her mom immediately.

That reaction is a far cry from some other videos, which see the parental figure continue with the story, no matter how little truth there is to it. TikTok user @kinseyboo's grandmother became her assailant in her fake sob story, gaining over 2 million views.

"I stayed with my granny for the beginning of my childhood and I watched my granny make a way out of no way. She provided for us, for me and all my family, she made sure that we had clothes, she made sure that we had food on our table, a roof over our head," began the TikToker, before beginning to embellish the story.

"My granny overcame hardships in her life, like being a prostitute in her 20s," she added. Kinsey's grandmother had a startled look on her face, but didn't object to the claim on camera, before simply grinning and bearing it when her granddaughter added that her "granddaddy rescued her from the pimp" and claimed she still owed him money.

"It was very hard, I met a good person in my life that helped me through a lot of hard times," she vouched when prompted by Kinsey. In fact, she even added that she taught her kids to get a good education so they wouldn't have to "do the things that I've done in my life," citing "prostitution" for five years as one when prompted.

In this test of seeing just how far they'd go to get their family members a scholarship, some failed and some passed, but they're all hilarious while doing it.


My Granny a RIDER 🤣 she didn’t cuss me out. she thought she was actually getting some money 😂☠️☠️#scholarshipprank #grandmaprank #rider #foryoupage

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The video can also be seen here.