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Are you ready to nominate "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) for the Nobel Peace Prize? To officially crown the anarchist group as the leader of the modern civil rights movement? That is the only conclusion I can draw after watching the puzzling capitulation to BLM during the Democratic National Convention (DNC), at the total expense of law enforcement. To present my case fairly, I've compiled a complete DNC "Law & Order" scorecard.

Night one: The convention kicked off with a moment of silence for George Floyd. His brother dedicated the moment to George and "the many other souls we've lost to hate and injustice."

Yes, Floyd's death was a horrendous murder—and yes, the officer responsible should be held accountable.

But where was the mention of Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, a Black man, and his work towards fixing the problems on his force and in his city? Any mention of the looting that followed in Minneapolis that destroyed many Black- and minority-owned businesses? No.

Night one also featured Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, who stood in front of "Black Lives Matter" Plaza, where she wrongly blamed President Trump for the civil unrest. And the final "highlight" of night one? A panel on ending "systemic racism" featuring Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and BLM "Defund the Police" activist Jamira Burley.

Any mention of the increase in shootings and murders in Chicago? Any mention that "systemic racism" is untrue and how we've come quite far as a nation, as the inclusion of Black, female, Democratic mayors on-screen literally proves?


Law & Order mentions = 0

Night two: The Biden-Harris ticket was referred to as the "bridge" between the past and the present. Night two certainly gave credence that Joe Biden is only a "placeholder" presidential candidate. While Biden tries to appeal as a centrist who will bring "stability" to the country, the speaker lineup actually showed just how extreme the party has become.

It was a night all about feelings and silent pleadings with radical, socialist Democrats; just wait one more cycle, don't be difficult, and please vote for Joe. The far Left was placated even more with a wink and a silent plea to "wait its turn," by showcasing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). (This would be the same Ocasio-Cortez who recently claimed that hunger is the primary motivation behind New York City's murders and looters.)

One of the most incredulous moments for me was Caroline Kennedy betraying the legacy of her father, President John F. Kennedy, and his famous "ask not what your country can do for you" rhetorical inspiration. Instead, Kennedy blindly threw in with the new Democrats—and their fall from a peaceful civil rights movement to the violent policies of BLM.

The other outrageous moment was courtesy of former Republican Governor John Kasich, who embarrassed himself by asking Americans to vote for Joe. Why should you vote for Joe, according to Kasich? Because he's nicer. The former Ohio governor likes Joe better than President Trump. Speaking personally: As a civil rights attorney, I cast my ballot for those who enforce our laws equally, justly and fairly. I do not vote for whichever candidate is "nicer."

Law & Order mentions = 0

Joe Biden speaking at 2020 DNC
Joe Biden speaking at 2020 DNC Win McNamee/Getty Images

Night three: Night three was all about the coronation of California's junior U.S. senator, Kamala Harris, as the Democratic vice presidential nominee. Apparently it's controversial to disagree with the choice of Harris because of the historic symbolism she brings to the vice presidency.

As a lawyer in California, I am quite familiar with Harris, as both district attorney and attorney general. I found it ironic that she was the Democrats' veep choice. Her track record quite literally goes against everything BLM says it stands for. It's a record that has destroyed the lives of the economically disadvantaged, has punished high schoolers in poor communities and has locked up more Black men than has any corrupt cop.

Senator Harris could have spun her history as proof the Democratic Party will not give in to Antifa rioters and looters in our major cities. Instead, she asked us to "do better" for the children and end the allegedly rampant racism that killed George Floyd. Did she mention all the children killed by violence this past month in Chicago? Did she mention the Black police chief in Minneapolis trying to make major changes? No.

Just as I don't vote for the candidate who is "nicer," I also do not vote for a candidate based on symbolism.

Law & Order mentions = 0

Night four: The final night of the convention was perhaps the biggest night of Joe Biden's career. After 47 years in politics, people wanted to know: Could he make it through one speech coherently? Yes, that was the extremely low bar set for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Biden made it through the speech and took a moderate tone, in order to reassure traditional Democrats that the party had not moved so far leftward. Of course, he once again mentioned the lie of systemic racism, and then urged Americans to give up the hate that must be hiding in our hearts.

One note: Joe Biden is only three years older than President Trump. For every speaker urging a vote for Joe because he's nicer, did 77-year-old Joe Biden actually seem like he could lead America for the next four years?

Law & Order mentions = 0

Scorecard total = 0 mentions of Law & Order.

Four nights and no mention of the monetary, physical or psychological costs of riots and looting. No mention of ALL Black lives mattering; no mention of the tough battle that law enforcement faces. No mention of which actual policies a vote for the Biden-Harris administration would impose upon America.

The DNC only wants you to know that good ol' Joe is the great friend America needs. I see this country's needs quite differently; America needs a leader, America needs a candidate who won't give in to partisan politics and America needs a leader who will look out for the country's best interests. America needs President Donald Trump re-elected.

Leo Terrell is a civil rights attorney, TV commentator and the host of the Leo Terrell podcast. You can follow him on Twitter.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.