Scott Peterson's Sister-in-Law Claims She Has Evidence to Overturn Conviction

Nearly 17 years after Scott Peterson was convicted of killing his pregnant wife and unborn child, his sister-in-law says she has evidence that proves his innocence.

Janey Peterson has claimed police officers ignored leads surrounding the death of Peterson's pregnant wife Laci, which included a burglary across the street from their Modesto, California, home.

She told CBS13: "There is no series of circumstances that fits the evidence where he could possibly have done it."

She has carried out her own investigation into the tragedy and revealed a board filled with notes, which she claimed would exonerate her brother-in-law.

"This board behind me is events of the day he allegedly murdered his wife," she told the network via Zoom.

She continued: "The justice system has failed here, and a lot of aspects have failed. And it started with the Modesto Police Department. And it started with the fact that they didn't follow up on evidence that showed Laci was alive the morning of December 24."

A cornerstone of her evidence are the neighbors who said they saw Laci on the morning she disappeared, as well as the burglary.

She has speculated that Laci saw the burglary in progress before she was kidnapped and later killed along with her unborn son.

Prosecutors claim the sister-in-law's timeline of events does not add up and police said the break-in happened two days after Laci vanished, according to CBS13.

It comes as Peterson, 48, returned to court earlier this week to appeal his murder convictions as well as his death sentence.

Appearing remotely at the San Mateo County Court, Peterson's attorneys tried to overturn his 2004 convictions of first-degree murder of Laci and second-degree murder of his unborn son, Conner.

The former fertilizer salesman claimed he had been fishing in San Francisco Bay when his wife disappeared from their home on Christmas Eve in 2002.

Her body was found some months later in the bay.

Following Tuesday's hearing, Peterson's attorney Pat Harris told the press his client was innocent.

He told KRON-TV: "Scott is sitting in a cell and he's innocent. From the moment I met him, from the first three months I sat in a jail cell with him in Modesto every single day, he was always telling the exact same story.

"It never, ever changed, it never contradicted. It was amazing because every client I've ever had, you can almost pick up contradictions in their stories. Never did with him. He's always been very truthful with me."

Newsweek has contacted the Modesto Police Department, Pat Harris and Janey Peterson for comment.

Scott Peterson was found guilty in 2004
Scott Peterson was found guilty of the murders of his wife and unborn child in 2004. In this photo, Scott Peterson (C) and defense attorney Mark Geragos (L) listen during prosecution rebuttal to the defense closing arguments in Peterson's capital murder trial November 3, 2004 in Redwood City, California. S Pool / Pool/Getty