Scott Walker's Campaign Logo is Strikingly Similar to an Eyeglasses Company's

A worker sets up for the campaign kickoff rally for Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker in Waukesha, Wisconsin, July 13, 2015. Jim Young/Reuters

A Georgia-based eyeglasses company is seeing red because of the striking resemblance between presidential candidate Scott Walker's new campaign logo and its own logo. Both resemeble an American flag: blue in the upper left hand corner with red and white stripes. 

America's Best, an eyeglasses company with more than 400 locations, took to Twitter to express its frustration with the GOP candidate's newly unveiled marker, terming the incident "#logogate."  

"Scott Walker sure TRUMPed us by 'borrowing' our logo," the company tweeted, referencing another GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump. 

When asked if it would pursue legal action, the company tweeted: "We're not CRUZin for a legal battle," referencing still another GOP White House hopeful, Ted Cruz. Showing that it's aware of candidates on both sides of the aisle, the company also tweeted that it thinks Walker's logo is "HILLARYous."  

"We don't endorse [presidential] candidates but we're never surprised when they endorse us," America's Best CEO Reade Fahs said in a statement

Walker did not return request for comment. 

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