This Mobile Game Has People Screaming at Their Phones, but Not for the Reason You Think

Scream Go Hero

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Scream Go Hero is a new mobile game where your voice controls your jumps and moves. Find out why everyone's playing it, here. Ketchup

This week the internet has collectively discovered a not-so-new mobile game that has them yelling and screaming at their phones. Fortunately, though, it's not for the reason that most would expect.

The concept of gamer rage has become universally known and digitally documented by the many memes, gifs and video clips on the web of players losing their cool. In the mobile game, Scream Go Hero, however, people are shouting at their phones for an entirely different reason -- to propel their character forward.

The game is fairly simple. You're a tiny ninja dude who must move across the screen, running and jumping over obstacles, avoiding baddies and gathering cherries. While there's nothing new about this concept, the way the user controls the character is. Every move the character makes is dictated by the volume of the player's voice.

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The louder your voice, the higher you jump in Scream Go Hero Ketchapp

According to the instructions, players should use a soft voice to move forward, and a loud voice to jump. The louder your voice, the higher you jump. At first, you may try to control the volume of your voice. As the levels become more difficult, however, you'll find yourself producing some death-curdling screams you didn't know you had in you as you desperately try to rescue your character from a pit he's fallen into while trying to reach the next platform.

While the game has been around for nearly a year, it seems like the internet only got tuned into it this week. A ton of hilarious video clips of people playing scream-to-jump game have started emerging on social media. We've provided a few of our favorites below.

Scream Go Hero is a free game and can be downloaded on the Google Play or the iOS App Store.

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