'Sea-Haw': Octopus's Rodeo-Style Escape on Eel's Back Caught on Video

A video showing an octopus clinging and "riding" an eel in an effort to avoid being eaten was shared on Reddit where it went viral.

Reddit user u/freudian_nipps posted the video, which appears to have first gone viral in 2016, on the forum "The Depths Below." There, it amassed more than 11,000 votes since Monday.

"An Octopus riding an Eel to avoid being eaten," read the title of the post.

The initial video indicated that the eel was a moray eel, a species that primarily feed at night on fish, crab, shrimp, octopuses and squid, per The National Aquarium.

Moray Eel
A video showing an octopus "riding" an eel before making its escape from being eaten has resurfaced and went viral on Reddit. Above, a stock image of a giant moray eel. Dave Collins/iStock

"This solitary animal hides among cracks and crevices, along rocky shorelines and in coral reefs," the aquarium said.

They are typically found in the western Atlantic ocean, spanning from New Jersey to Bermuda and can be found from the northern Gulf of Mexico down to Brazil.

The eel is seen whipping around as the octopus grips onto the eel's body.

Despite the eel's best efforts to shake off the octopus with rapid twists and turns, it is unsuccessful and it continued to thrash around in the water.

Eventually, the octopus made its daring escape, leaving behind a cloud of ink before the video concluded.

Redditors flooded the comments section to share their thoughts, puns and comparisons to a rodeo.

"If he stays on for a full minute he gets free drinks for the rest of the night," a viewer commented.

"Sea-haw, please," another wrote

"Can someone edit this? Put a little cowboy hat on the octopus and dub in a '[yeehaw]'?!" one viewer requested.

"Looks like it wasn't his first rodeo," a comment read.

Some were impressed by the octopus's quick getaway.

"That was awesome! Nice escape," wrote a viewer.

"You can almost hear him say 'later sucka'" another commented.

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