Is 'Sea Of Thieves' Worth It? Microsoft Store Sale And Twitch Surge Say Yes

After surviving shaky waters, Sea of Thieves is finally starting to sail. The swashbuckling pirate simulator released in March of 2018 but didn't have much to offer players at launch. There were only a few simple fetch quests and a lot of sailing in empty waters which disappointed the early playerbase. Many (myself included) thought the game was dead right out of the gate, but Rare put the time, spit and polish into making its cannonball experience worth it.

In December the Shrouded Spoils update was released, adding enough new enemies and things to do to make the game worth a second look. You could slay megalodon sharks, pillage a ship of NPC ghost pirates or just collect loot a lot easier. It made the game an actual adventure rather than an empty sandbox filled to the brim with shallow promises and broken ships.

Over the past few months, the game has surged in popularity thanks to the help of a few prominent Twitch streamers. Summit1G is one of the longest-running, most successful streamers on the platform. He's gathered an audience that loves to watch him play anything from H1Z1 to Call of Duty, but for the past few months he's focused most of his time on Sea of Thieves. Pulling in around 30,000 viewers everytime he touches his webcam, the streamer's salty nature perfectly matches the taste of seawater.

The LiveStreamFails reddit, dedicated to cataloging and collecting interesting clips of streamers, has been full of Sea of Thieves content. Currently the highest voted clip is of Summit dressing up as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. He's really immersed himself in the world, causing other streamers to follow him into the abyss. Ninja, Dr Disrespect and TimtheTatMan have all streamed themselves playing Sea of Thieves, causing the game to reach more than 100,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch at peak times, falling slightly behind Fortnite .

If you'd like to try Sea of Thieves, Rare is offering a 50 percent off deal until January 31. If you've been holding off on trying to be a pirate, now is your best chance. If you don't like dealing with strangers, the game might not be for you. But if you're down to swashbuckle, chug some rum and fly out of a cannon, you won't find a more fulfilling experience.

Seeing more Sea of Thieves in your timeline than usual and feeling the call of those far-off glittering shores? It's 50% OFF in the official store until January 31st so now's the time to rope in some regular crewmates!

— Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) January 24, 2019